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Who gets Trooper’s hat in the divorce?

When’s the last time a head coach got canned two years after winning a MNC?


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This is what peaking at the right time looks like.

I know Alabama will get the lion’s share of glory this week leading up to the SECCG, and deservedly so.  The Tide’s been remarkably consistent this season and the defense leads the country in scoring and total defense.

But look who leads the country in scoring defense this month.

Also, this.


UPDATE:  Or to put it another way…



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Your salty tears of bitterness are delicious.

The most morose comment you’ll read on StingTalk can’t touch the way the genius won the presser yesterday with his unique wit and charm.

“Really? Were you watching the game? Do you think it mattered where they got the ball?”

Johnson, in response to a question about Georgia’s field-position advantage in the first half

If the Jackets don’t win the World’s Smallest Outdoor Cocktail Party (which shrunk even smaller after yesterday’s 4-0 conference waxing at the hands of the SEC) this week, they’ll be 6-7 and miss out on a bowl game for the first time in over a decade.  That should make for some excellent quips.


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You don’t see quotes like this every day.

“When Alec slammed that dude, his feet went right by my face so you have to imagine how high he was,” Georgia outside linebacker Jarvis Jones said.

If you watch the replay, Jarvis actually has to jump out of the way to avoid being clocked with Godhigh’s feet.


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Observations from the 35, “Khan – I’m laughing at the superior intellect” edition

It’s tempting to say the turning point of yesterday’s game was the opening kickoff, but I admit it’s not completely fair.  After all, the Jackets were driving for the tying score when Tech’s midget A-back generously consented to let Bacarri Rambo play with the ball for a moment.

The reality is that this game was all but over beforehand.  That’s because the brain trust that comprises Tech’s defensive staff decided their best chance lay in playing a passive, cover-two scheme with their safeties way off the line of scrimmage.  When Georgia came out in three-wides, Georgia Tech left a total of six defenders to guard the box.  The Dawgs offensive linemen must have been pinching themselves over the opportunity to block without worrying about a defense loading the box or blitzing steadily.  I kept waiting for the Tech defense to adjust and start bringing a safety in to get better numbers, but it never happened.  So the Dawgs just kept carving the Jackets up.  There wasn’t a scoring drive in the first half that took three minutes off the clock.  When Bobo switched to I-formation, it didn’t seem like a tactic as much as it did an act of kindness.

I can’t say that Georgia Southern’s a better team than Georgia Tech is, but I sure can say that Tech’s coaches earned a more lopsided loss than the Eagles took.  That should sting a little.

And now, your bullet points.

  • There are a ton of talented players on that Georgia defense.  But there’s no doubt that a fully engaged Ogletree and Rambo elevate that bunch to a totally different level.  Both played smart, physical football.
  • Boy, say what you will about Christian Robinson’s game, but he sure seems to thrive playing triple-option offenses.
  • They are getting some terrific production out of the tight end position these days.
  • Yesterday’s karmic moment was brought to you by Tech center Jay Finch, who you may remember for this.  He went out with an injury.  Shortly thereafter, he managed to snap the ball over Tevin Washington’s head for a big loss that ended Tech’s first possession of the second half.  His backup had the big hold that negated the Vad Lee TD pass later.
  • I’m really digging Georgia’s newfound competence on kickoffs and kickoff coverage.
  • I think I saw more offensive holding plays called yesterday than the rest of the season combined.  Now if ACC refs could figure out the mysteries of offensive pass interference, they’d really be on to something.
  • Beginning with that last drive against Florida, Aaron Murray has played lights out.  I saw very few miscues yesterday (the most glaring being holding the ball too long on Tech’s only sack) and a lot of excellent decision making and solid mechanics.
  • Gurshall.
  • Tech’s offensive line played pretty well, I thought.
  • Vad Lee looks like a good athlete who’s not a very good quarterback.  Impaler, my ass.  Washington outplayed him.
  • Tech’s receiving corps is every bit as awful as expected.  Their A-backs aren’t bad, although I thought they missed Orwin Smith.
  • Can’t get enough of those body slams.
  • Loved all of Johnson’s maneuvering to get a field goal attempt to cut the score to 28-6.  Loved the missed attempt even more.
  • The sideline body language between the genius and Lee after Tech’s abortive fourth-quarter touchdown drive was scuttled by a holding penalty was priceless.
  • The most fun thing to track yesterday was the complete disconnect between the score and time-of-possession stat as the game wore on.

It’s over.  It’s done.  FIAR, B!  Eleven of twelve.  Et cetera, et cetera.  On StingTalk, we can hear the lamentation of the women.  Meantime, it’s on to the biggest game of Richt’s Georgia career.  So far, I hope.


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Name that caption: Genius at work

While the actual caption to this pic – “Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson looks to his assistants for help during the second half of Saturday’s game at Georgia.” – has its charms…


… I suspect you guys can do better.  Have at it.


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