Genius never takes a day off.

Let’s face it.  There can only be one possible explanation for a 32-point blowout, and it’s not that Paul Johnson suddenly forgot how to coach.  That leaves only one suspect… er, suspects.

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson said he could have handled losing 42-10 to Georgia if he thought the effort was worthy. That was not the case.

Johnson said the Yellow Jackets were guilty of a “lack of competing” in their loss to the Bulldogs in Athens, Tech’s 11th in the past 12 years to its archrival. This season, Johnson has been critical of the team for missed assignments, poor tackling and lack of focus. However, his public challenge that the team lacked competitiveness – against an archrival, no less – compared only to his statement that the Jackets “no showed” in the 21-point loss to Middle Tennessee State.

So Johnson wants everyone to know the Tech coaching staff gives out lots of demerits for lack of effort on a play.  Maybe they ought to make ’em helmet stickers, so we can all join in the fun.

It’s hard to believe that recruits don’t flock to the Flats these days.


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14 responses to “Genius never takes a day off.

  1. JG Shellnutt

    Truly, he has a dizzying intellect


  2. Spike

    Cancel the ring order for this year.


    • Dante

      Are you kidding? They need to make a “6-7 Bowl Eligible” commemorative ring after they get blasted by Florida State. Plenty of teams have won conferences and national titles. How many made a bowl with a losing record? I think they’ll be only the second team to do that.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    What was it that Tech fire-up video said? “This is our state?” Didn’t it refer to Georgia as “Our Little Brothers?”

    Yeah, this is pretty sweet.


  4. Well maybe if the put more effort against their arch rival they wouldn’t allow themselves to be 130lbs and get tossed around like a chew toy by Ogletree….


  5. Bulldog Joe

    Since they had “other fish to fry”, maybe those demerit stickers can be little gold fishies.


  6. Rusty

    When they lose to FSU, they’ll have to have a waiver to play in a Bowl. Seriously.


    • AmpedDawg

      Actually, most likely it is BCS or bust for Tech. The NCAA changed the process this summer after UCLA got a waiver last year at 6-7 after losing their championship game. First, there are 70 teams which are 6-6 or better that qualify for the 35 bowl games. Second, even if there weren’t 70 qualifying teams, Tech wouldn’t even fit into the criteria to get a waiver at 6-7 until the “third pool” of qualification (which follows teams that are 6-6 but not eligible because of a win over an FCS team that didn’t meet the financial aid requirement as “first pool” and teams which are 6-6 but had wins over two FCS schools as “second pool”). Third pool are the teams that are 6-7 because of losing a conference championship game. Incidentally, fourth pool are teams that are 6-7 because they played 13 regular season games. But most damaging for Tech is that there are 70 bowl eligible teams so in order for Tech to get into a bowl at 6-7 the NCAA has to boot one of the 70 currently eligible teams (and if UConn and Pitt win there would be 72 teams).


      • Will (the other one)

        Though if they do, they’d likely get to pit their so-called “defense” against pre-season #1 USC. With a healthy Barkley. While I hate Lane Kiffin, the entertainment value of Tech getting carved up like Christmas Ham to fall to 6-8 would compel me to watch.


      • Bulldog Joe

        Florida State suffered some key injuries on defense and the team is hurting after blowing a second half lead in their biggest game of the year.

        They have also have a history of stuggling against Tech’s offense who gets Orwin Smith back.

        Don’t be surprised if this game is high-scoring and close.


  7. charlottedawg

    Why does Johnson and for that matter part of the Tech Fan base always think that recruiting, player development, defense, special teams, and now getting his team mentally ready to play are somehow outside of his scope of responsibility as a head coach?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Shhhh. Don’t tell ’em that. They think he’s a genius when really he’s an idiot. If the Techsters ever woke up and hired a first-rate HC (remember Booby Ross and George O’Leary) then we might actually have a problem with them. I’m all for Johnson staying at Tech forever. He’s a Bozo and they’ll never win consistently with him there.


  8. Comin' Down The Track

    A Very Short History
    The year is 2038. Two pimply faced middle-aged guys in highwater pants are standing beside the tailgate of their hover car in the Varsity hovering lot (surely we’ll have hover cars by then).
    Pimply Comb-over guy: Dood! You ‘member back in aught eight when The Genius put it to the leg-humpers?! Man, that was great. Yuk, yuk, snort!
    Pimply fat guy wearing mustard-stained “Star Wars: Goofy and Pluto Battle for Uranus” t-shirt: Yeah, man. He’s like us. Smarter than everyone. So smart that he figured out how to beat that evil scourge that one time before they went back to their jobs making french fries. Har, har, snort!
    Pimply 1: [wistfully] Yeah…
    Pimply 2: [more wistfully] Yeah…
    fade to black