Who’s on your G-Day watch list?

Okay, Malcolm Mitchell is off mine.  Tray Matthews is a given, though.

But John Theus and Xzavier Ward?  Yeah, I wanna see ’em.

And Artie Lynch has me wondering about Reggie Carter now.

Who are y’all wanting to check out?


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14 responses to “Who’s on your G-Day watch list?

  1. 69Dawg

    I’m going to be too busy praying that no one gets hurt.

  2. William

    I’m wanting to see Jenkins. Let’s see if he gets his hands on anyone. Also, the right reverand Ray Drew! I’m pulling for him to break through!

  3. RP

    Tray vs Todd on 3rd and short.

  4. Georgia Co-Eds…um I mean Theus.

  5. JSW should get some chances what with Mitchell out. Like to see him and Conley shine.

  6. The other Doug

    Hutson Mason

  7. Rebar

    Want to see how the defense does as I know our offense should be a juggernaut this year.

  8. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    Mike Thorton @ NT … Not sold on this one … Visions of Lattimore skipping into the second level the last time we started an undersized NT (Tyson).