Les Miles, particle physicist

Lester took his scheduling road show to Tim Brando the other day.  We are fortunate enough to be rewarded with this exchange:

Brando: If I would’ve told you in the last 13 years, you would’ve played non-divisional opponents Florida and Georgia, you’ve played them 17 times. And Alabama has played them eight times. What would you say to that?
Miles: I’d have to say we have a scheduling quark there…
I just wish Brando had followed up by asking if LSU was going to build a linear accelerator in order not to fall behind any further in the quark race.  Because you know Saban’s already got one of those suckers…


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27 responses to “Les Miles, particle physicist

  1. rusty

    Les is a hoot. He’s added to the entertainment value of CFB a lot.
    I wish he would shut his piehole about scheduling, it doesn’t become him.

  2. Krautdawg

    As a side note, it’s nice to be getting talked about in indignant tones as the team that no one wants to play.

  3. Rebar

    Does not the hat know that the schedule he played is what allowed LSU to jump us in the polls and get their most recent Natty?

    • Russ

      Exactly. Someone should point that out to him.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Sorry, Rebar but that isn’t true. Prejudice against UGA by ESPN talking heads exhibited in the form of a sales campaign against the Dawgs the like of which has never been seen before in CFB is what allowed LSU to jump us in the polls that year. At season’s end the 2007 Georgia team was the best team in the nation…period.

      • Over the course of the season, though, some thought LSU was the best team in the country.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        What allowed LSU to jump the Dawgs (in no particular order):
        1) two awful conference losses
        2) failing to win our division
        3) not playing in the SECCG (see #’s 1 & 2)
        4) LSU singing their “Undefeated In Regulation” tune to any and everyone
        5) two awful conference losses
        6) USC 16 UGA 12
        7) UT 35 UGA 14

        • The Doctor

          This. We may have ended the season as one of the best teams in the country, but we certainly didn’t play like it against SC and UTk.

          I still think, though, that if #1 and #2 in the BCS loses, #3 and #4 should rise to #1 and #2. Anything else does not make sense. That’s what pissed me off the most about us not getting a shot. We were right there and got jumped by a team that lost to ARK 9 days prior.

        • Rusty

          +1… Bottom line.If you don’t win there are no excuses.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            LSU lost 2 games that season. How come your “bottom line” doesn’t apply to them, too?

            • rusty

              That’s my opinion, and that’s all it is .The team I love had not done it’s due diligence by winning games it should have. I can’t speak for LSU .

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                “I can’t speak for LSU.” You just did when you called out the Dawgs for losing 2 games but gave LSU a pass when they lost 2 games.

                • Rusty

                  Listen. I just said Georgia is the one I care about. They didn’t win when they needed to. If you seriously think Georgia deserved to make the trip, good for you. I don’t. And I could freaking care less about LSU.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          SD, all you did was repeat the “2 conference losses” mantra multiple times. I remind you that LSU also had 2 conference losses, one of which was to Kentucky. UGA was ranked higher than LSU in the last week of the regular season and UGA got jumped without losing because of the incessant lobbying mainly by ESPN nattering nabobs Lou Holtz, Jesse Palmer and Charles Davis all of whom had ties to UGA rivals. UGA and LSU played the following season and UGA beat the Tigers by 2 TDs. Sure it was a different season but the 2 teams were mainly the same. If the UK team (which the Dawgs beat by the way) had just run the ball across the goal line against UT instead of attempting a pass at the end of the game, or if the Vandy kicker had kicked it through instead of doinking it off the upright at the end of the Vandy-UT game, Georgia would have been in the SECCG, beaten LSU and played in and won the BCSNCG that year.

          • Skeptic Dawg

            The difference between the 2 teams was simple. LSU won their division, the Dawgs did not. Until that point, under the BCS format/terms used at the time, there was no prescient for a team advancing without a division and/or conference title. Yes, I am fully aware the Bama won it all without being a division champ a few years later (I do not recognize them as champ that year). Nebraska advanced under different rules and a different time. Sure, a few plays here or there (Kentucky and Vandy as you mentioned) and the story in addition to my opinion would be different. Also, Carolina and Tennessee were both bad teams in 2007. Beat either one of those teams and the Dawgs are in the SECCG that year. The Dawgs were not the best team over the course of the entire season. Was LSU? Not sure either way, but I know the Dawgs certainly were not.

            • Also, Carolina and Tennessee were both bad teams in 2007.

              UT won the East that year. Hard to see a bad team pulling that off.

              • Skeptic Dawg

                The Dawgs were a better team than the 2007 Vols. The loss to UT was a result of a flat team not ready to play. While I do not have the exact date/time/article to reference, I am pretty certain that you may have posted an article or two concerning this very fact. Also, coming down the stretch, Dawg fans watched in agony as both Vandy and UK missed opportunities o best the Vols. While they were not division champs, the Dawgs would have been the much better team to represent the East AT THE END OF THE SEASON. Certainly not during the early portion of 2007 as evident by the 2 bad L’s.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              SD, I just don’t understand you. You consistently twist facts and move heaven and Earth to downgrade the Dawgs. Read all the “ifs and buts” in those posts you wrote trying to rationalize the Dawgs getting passed over by LSU in ’07. You also never pass up a chance to promote one of our rivals, be it UT, LSU, Bama or even FU, against the Dawgs. You might as well quit pretending you’re a fan of the Dawgs.

        • eddawg

          That and KY couldn’t move the ball one stinking yard against TN

  4. Bulldog Joe

    The Brando conversation would have been meaningless if Tennessee hadn’t quarked up their program.

  5. JG Shellnutt

    Les, this aggression will not stand, man.

  6. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Les Miles continues as the greatest enigma in college football. Two SEC titles and a national championship and I still can’t decide if he is a genius, a fool or something else.

    • Dog in Fla

      Bobby Hebert knows.

      “Coach…. Now, I know Alabama’s defense is dominant. But, come on, that’s ridiculous, five first downs” doesn’t even match, “All six flavors of quark…observed in accelerator experiments…”

  7. DawgWalker07

    Man if the SEC ever goes to 9 conference games I would LOVE to see how Les spins it because on the one hand it would fix his “scheduling quark” but on the other hand it would deprive him of what he really wants which is an easier schedule. How he would justify being against it would be quite a show, I’m sure.

  8. Mike

    Stop giving Les a hard time. Good Quantum Mechanics are hard to find!