In service of a greater good

There’s a quasi-rhetorical question buried in this Jon Solomon article about the five big topics up for discussion in Destin this week that bears watching.

In the shorter term, finding schedule windows for live games is the SEC Network’s biggest focus over the next couple months. ESPN’s Justin Connolly, the head of the SEC Network, will be in Destin meeting with coaches and ADs to get a feel for their current programming and scheduling. How comfortable will schools feel playing some non-revenue sports on different days and times for exposure?

Oh, I suspect after a few choice words about academic concerns and the student-athlete experience, they’ll be just fine with the idea.  The Network needs product and it’s not like those kids are bringing any money in to support their programs.

The more intriguing answer will come a few seasons down the road when ESPN asks the same question politely about revenue sports.  The beast must be fed, after all.


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2 responses to “In service of a greater good

  1. Cojones

    Special Memorial Day greetings to the vets and active duty Dawgs. We do remember those most responsible for our enjoyment of CFB and the freedom to enjoy celebration as we please. Profound sacrifices of other Dawgs and citizens should be honored quite satisfactorily by partaking in those life enjoyments they died to make possible.

    A salute of appreciation goes to Alpha Dawg and compatriots on this day, whether in uniform or retired from active duty.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    I suspect that the SEC will just turn over the keys to the scheduling department for men’s basketball with only a brief discussion. Moving football games, particularly games involving the power teams, is going to be tougher.