The spread spreads?

Interesting admission from Corch:

On how his commitment to the spread offense is overrated

“We’re more of a pro style. We might not look like it all the time, but schematically we are. We ran more direct handoffs than we’ve ever run. I have two tight ends that can really block. The spread offense we ran last year wasn’t a spread offense. It was pro style with spread elements. Defenses have done a really good job defending the spread because they work at it so hard. There are at least eight teams in the Big Ten running the spread offense now, whereas in 2005, when we first came to the SEC, there was one — Florida.”

On whether OSU will implement more of the spread when recruiting classes take shape

“I don’t know. I think we’ll always have a little bit more of a pro element to it as well now. Also you have weather issues once in awhile. It depends on what’s working. If teams are working all their time on maybe defending the perimeter run game, that leaves some voids. A lot of our rush yardage last year was interior. Teams defended the perimeter really well last year, so that just gave us a chance to go inside. A lot of it is personnel and what you’re facing. That determines what you do. We took an offense that was kind of built as an I-formation team a year ago and we tried to adapt it to more open sets, not necessarily spread calls.”

I’ve always thought that taking what the defense gives you is a tell-tale sign of a good offensive coordinator.  That doesn’t just mean in-game play calling.  As defenses become more geared to stop spread attacks, they become more vulnerable to power football.  (Your current national champs have made a living exploiting that the past few years.)  Meyer may be a lot of things, but stupid ain’t one of ’em.

On the other hand, I fear for his continued inclusion in the Gang of Six.


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10 responses to “The spread spreads?

  1. Georgia and Alabama are probably the best two offenses that are pro-style with spread elements. They can run downhill from under center, run or pass from the spread, and be devastating with play-action downfield passing from the traditional I-formation. I know so many so-called experts (see Heisman Pundit) think that if you aren’t a spread team, your program is a dinosaur. A little “Grown Man Football” goes a long way to disproving that theory.

  2. The other Doug

    He is full of shit. OSU’s offense was Braxton Miller keeping it. Everything was built off of that.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Correctomundo, Doug. What Corch said was all about recruiting. Believe it at your peril, recruits.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        P.S. I left off something: Q. How can you tell when Corch is lying? A. His lips are moving.

  3. Dog in Fla

    At least in March 2011, HP in his Gang of Six article was right about Charlie:

    “It’s going to take some time and a few recruiting cycles before Florida’s offense rebounds. I doubt Weis–or his system–will be around to see it.”

  4. Macallanlover

    The semantics of what is spread, and what is not, is so garbled that who can argue with Corch (and who really believes the guy any way?) I think the spotlight on Tebow’s failure may have Urbie looking for a little cover lest he have problems recruiting QBs. Of course he wants to lay claim to being a pro style offense, but Tebow never taking a snap to throw a forward pass is proff enough that isn’t what he ran at FU, and last year’s tosu team didn’t change that perception. I am not blaming him, he did exactly what he should have with Timmy but it doesn’t put him in the class of coaches where fathers may want their sons developed for the NFL. Nothing wrong with being a spread offense offense coach, unless you aren’t man enough to stand up for it. Better than being a liar or hypocrite.

    • You are always spot on with the analysis. Corch will say whatever he needs to say for the situation. I hope we beat his current team senseless in January.

      • Macallanlover

        Thanks for the kind words, wish it were so. But I am confident we are both right about Urbie. You can give him his due as a football coach his is good, regarding wins and losses he is very good, but as a man Corch is a sleazeball. In the old days he would have been a snake-oil salesman or con man, but today he is simply a common opportunist. There are millions of those types, ready to seel their integrity for the 40 pieces of silver. Just cannot respect a man like that, so I don’t. tosu has a very easy path into the BCS game but then, when have they not?

        • Easy path to the boat racing they will get by either Georgia or Alabama. Celebrate in the end zone, do Crank That, and then call all 3 timeouts in the last 90 seconds up by 40.

          • Macallanlover

            I could go to my final resting place content if I get to see anything that satisfying….although I would hate missing Corch’s next book following that blessed event.