New blog motto?

Man, I’m tempted to steal this.

I don’t know what kind of coach Butch Jones will turn out to be, but I will say that based on their tweets, I’d sure rather go out and have a drink or two with him than Bret Bielema.



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4 responses to “New blog motto?

  1. stoopnagle

    I agree it’s difficult to know how Butch Jones will do without Brian Kelly’s players.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Butch, an expert on slogans* and bringing a different vibe, was wide-receivers coach for Rich Rod in the Sugar Bowl against us. He needs some payback

    * For undisclosed reasons, “Hold the Rope” and “If everyone doesn’t pay the price to win, they will pay the price of losing” are not being used in Knoxvegas


  3. Dog in Fla

    Correction: “Hold the Rope” has not been dropped and is being used by the twittering Tennesseans in some sort of bondage exercise that also involves some leftover hose that Butch found

    As they lose hold of their season and the rope’s being used to tie them to the whipping post, the replacement slogan will then be, “Holy Crap!” (h/t Bill Connelly):

    “There are two ways to look at Tennessee’s 2013 schedule:
    A) Holy crap, three road games versus top-five teams? Five against the top 20? This is the hardest schedule in the country!”


  4. Poor Tennessee….remember when we would shudder with fear when they came to Athens? Or better yet, when we had to go to Knoxville and arrive on a damn boat. I love boats, but not during CF games. How tacky!