Still further proof this could be Florida’s year.

In its last 39 games, Florida’s had exactly one 300-yard passing day.  And that was against Furman.  But things are looking up, baby.

The biggest key to more explosive plays, though, will be the improvement of the receivers. The position has really struggled since the 2009 season ended but the players should be helped by the hiring of former Kentucky head coach Joker Phillips, who has 18 years of experience as a receivers coach and helped Randall Cobb and Steve Johnson reach the NFL. Pease said the group has been better than last season, when they were coached by graduate assistant Bush Hamdan after receivers coach Aubrey Hill abruptly resigned the day before preseason practices began.

I know the timing sucked, but really, a GA coaching a position that badly underperformed for the entire season?  Boom gambled and got away with it for the most part, but it’s certainly an interesting reflection on his priorities.  He’s got a full-time coach now, but you wonder how much emphasis he gives the position.  Debose’s season-ending injury doesn’t help matters (although I think the bigger impact of that will be on UF’s special teams).  Maybe we can hope that forces the Gators to have Loucheiz Purifoy take even more snaps on offense.



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17 responses to “Still further proof this could be Florida’s year.

  1. JG Shellnutt

    First and foremost, I hope we beat Florida. Further, I hope we have finally turned the tide completely. But, I want those to occur as a product of Georgia having gotten that much better, not from Florida having hit a skid.


    • South FL Dawg

      I’ll take the win any way it comes. Besides, Florida thinks they handed us the 2012 win, and they aren’t likely to become any more gracious about it.


      • Gravidy

        Yeah, in a perfect world, I would certainly prefer any Georgia win to be because they are a really good team. But having Florida sink into mediocrity has a certain allure as well. 🙂


    • Ginny

      Ehhh I wouldn’t mind Florida losing every game, every year from now until the end of time.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    The disruption alone has to be costing something.


  3. The other Doug

    Driskell didn’t break 100 yards passing in 4 games.


  4. Macallanlover

    With all the talent in the state of Florida the lack of quality receivers has to be a carryover from Urbies’ tenure. He is similar to FishFry in many ways. Of course, it was because of him that we landed Murray as a QB…..thanks Corch (you prick.)

    FU fans seem to overlook the games we handed them with TOs. missed FGs, dropped passes, injured players, etc. I guess since they are allowed to pick which portion of history we will count/discuss they can also decide which games were legit wins and will be counted in pubs throughout the swamps.


    • Cojones

      Yeah, but all the writers said FU was the greatest thing since sliced bread beginning at their Spring Ga….uh…Practice. Driskell was miraculously better two months after mediocrity hit his game. His O coach said this week that he would consistently throw for 300yds each game and now that’s going to be received by WRs who have great coaches, but no proof of productivity. In other words, their O fame has been attained through pundits and by word of coaches mouth that they are a great team. Think it would be great for Bobo to hype the reserve WRs as highly as they propose that FU players will achieve.


  5. Spike

    They needed a MIRACLE blocked punt to win one game against a directional school (in the Swamp), and lost to Louisville. Go, Boom, Go.


  6. Steve

    Steve Johnson and Randall Cobb? Quite the resume.


  7. The Lone Stranger

    This is the season that will gaze wistfully back at ’88 or even ’97 — Dawgs will lay it on the Swampthings good and fierce methinks.


  8. Dawg

    Whatever it takes for Georgia to get over the mental block of beating Florida is what we need. I dont care if we beat them 30-28 by kicking ten field goals, we need to beat them consistently by any means necessary to turn the tide.


    • Dolly Llama

      By God, a 10-field-goal game would inspire our kicking unit, no? Hell, yes! I am behind you. Whatever it takes.


  9. Will Trane

    Why did Pease come to UF? Gave Dawgs tough games last 2 years. CMR can never just light them up. They were in a BCS bowl game and have played in like 9 or 10 straight. They beat A&M on the road and LSU. Pease wants his offense to look like Boise, and not like Phillips or a Hal Mummy.from UK. Murray threw for that against Joker last year. Highly unlikely he will do that against Boom and company. UF looks like they want to control the ball and the pace. Lot of pressure just down the road in Gainesville.