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Dawg Porn, second practice edition

Get a room, you two.

Mike Bobo might have been barking and yelling at most of his offense Thursday. One player, however, had Georgia’s offensive coordinator quite excited.

“Can you be like you were (Thursday), Gurley?” Bobo said during a running drill Friday. “I watched film of you (Thursday) night, and you were killing in that hole.”

“You know how I do it coach,” Todd Gurley, the star sophomore tailback, said, as he went to sip some water.

“And you do it every day,” Bobo responded.



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You won’t like Tony Barnhart when he gets mad.

So, Mr. Conventional Wisdom rips the NCAA for its handling of the Kolton Houston matter and I can’t figure out if the bigger deal about it is his outrage over what Houston went through or that the NCAA is in such a weakened state these days that even Barnhart has no problem smacking it around in public.


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Charlie Weis had twice as good a season as you thought.

On its official website, Kansas football is counting this year’s spring game as a win on its 2012 schedule.  I kid you not.

I’m having a hard time coming up with anything more pathetic than that. Jeebus.



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