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Just kidding.

Nobody’s ever accused Malcolm Mitchell of being tight-lipped.  Turns out he can be pretty funny, too.

Yet several returning players have commented this month that complacency and entitlement may have accompanied the undeniable ability of last season’s defenders. The most notable to speak out was junior receiver Malcolm Mitchell, who was asked if this year’s veteran offense could experience a similar issue.

“I don’t think we’re in the same situation that we were in last year,” Mitchell said. “You had a bunch of seniors and a bunch of people who were worried about where they were going. Granted, we do have offensive linemen who might be in that place, but, as we know, offensive linemen won’t get as much attention as our defensive players did last year.

“I don’t think we’ll have that problem.”

Offensive linemen?  Georgia’s offensive linemen?  Sure, Malcolm.



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Musical palate cleanser: a wooo-hoooooo

I came across this Howlin’ Wolf clip last night and it’s just astounding.

I can only imagine what it must have been like to see him perform in his physical prime.  Is it possible to be intimidated by the blues?


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Maybe it was just something he ate.

Shorter Phillip Fulmer:  Okay, okay, the other day when I peed all over everybody surrounding the Tennessee program I may have neglected to acknowledge that I played a teeny, tiny role in the Vols sporting two losing records in my last four seasons… almost a bystander, really… hey, did I tell y’all how much some of those guys sucked?


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Strength in numbers

Hey, did you hear the one about Georgia intending to rotate eight, count ’em, eight, offensive linemen in a big game?

No, seriously.

Friend, Georgia’s offensive line coach, said he will head into the game with eight players he feels comfortable using, and he plans on using them. Those eight include all five of last year’s starters (left tackle Kenarious Gates, left guard Dallas Lee, center David Andrews, right guard Chris Burnette and right tackle Theus) along with Houston, Mark Beard and Watts Dantzler.

Friend said he fully plans to use all eight players at Clemson. It won’t be a case of waiting for an injury or a blown assignment from one of the first five.

“No, we’ll play guys,” Friend said. “Those eight we feel like they can play, and we’ll play them,” Friend said, then started laughing: “Obviously if somebody’s not getting the job done it may mean you get off your schedule a little bit. But we don’t have any problem with playing those guys.”

Well, that’s certainly something we’ve not been accustomed to seeing lately.

Though nobody will say it outright, I wonder how much of that is driven by Burnette’s status.  That being said, if Friend truly has the luxury of quality depth, it’s very smart to bring Burnette, who at 100% is Georgia’s best lineman, along carefully as he continues to heal.

And how amazing will the Kolton Houston story get?  Could he wind up in **gasp** Verne crush territory?


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“I think I have the tough part down.”

Um, after seeing this picture, I don’t need any further convincing of Mr. Hicks’ claim.

photo via Ethan Burch

That may be the most intimidating face mask in college football.


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