Now Bobo’s just screwing with us.

Although I sure would love to see them trot this out just once on Saturday:

The media were allowed to view three five-minute practice sessions on Tuesday. Here are some notes and observations from The Red & Black:

  • The running backs, fullbacks and quarterbacks operated together during all three periods that the media had access to. The three units began by running a triple option set with the quarterbacks handing the ball off to the fullbacks, and then feigning the potential option toss to the running back alongside him on the outside.

C’mon, Mike.  Give Chavis something else to think about.



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22 responses to “Now Bobo’s just screwing with us.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    It’s the Faton Bauta package


  2. CoachSpurlock

    Holy crap! Imagine a wishbone formation with Quayvon, Gurley, & Marshall. Chavis would lose his mind if we trot that out on Saturday.


  3. Russ

    Lol! Actually this is a little more hardcore.


  4. Lrgk9

    Need to put warnings on the site after this


  5. Ben

    That would be so much fun to see, especially if we’ve been working on it for a while. We’ve got the horses and the talent at QB to run it, and to see thi for a few series on Saturday would give LSU fits. I’d just prefer us to pull it out after being up a few scores.

    I guess, though, this is the Evil Richt plan for head games now. Opening up practice and exposing a few new wrinkles?


  6. They could line up in the wishbone and a four-wide, shotgun set from the same personnel grouping (with Hicks in the backfield and Marshall and Gurley split out). Now THAT is when the hurry-up offense is nearly impossible to plan for.


  7. Otto

    I see no resaon UGA couldn’t run a diamond formation like seems to be catching on in the Big12 further Borges and Malzahn have both run offense with 2 RBs like Gurley and Marhsal on the field at the same time. UGA has the depth to do it. I could even see Hicks as a lone back at times.


    • adam

      The diamond is absolutely something we could be running.

      Note that a lot of teams that run that use a Y receiver as one of the backs. So, we could run it with Gurley, Murray, Woot, and Hicks. Shame Malcolm is hurt. He would be an exciting player to have back there.


  8. Ben

    I think “triple option” is probably the wrong term, since nothing I’ve seen in the last three seasons leads me to believe that Richt and Bobo would ever let Murray keep the ball in anything but a QB sneak situation.

    I would love to be wrong, though.


  9. Bright Idea

    Too many folks proving they have never been in the arena.


  10. So true…but interesting nevertheless. Stratigizing….fun stuff.


  11. Hines Ward

    Don’t do it…


  12. Dog in Fla

    I blame Bobo for reminding the Chief of the futility of trying to defend against the Alabama wishbone of the ’70’s


  13. shane#1

    Wooten in the wild Dawg with Hicks and Gurley. Add a TE and split out JSW and Bennett, Wooten throws the deep ball pretty well and there are so many options. FB dive play, roll out and run the option with Gurley, QB on the lead draw, end around with JSW, man, you name it!


  14. Derek

    I recall several years back that there was talk of Shockley running the wishbone because of his ability to run and we had a bunch of backs. I can’t remember whether it was the Spring game or not but I specifically recall that first three offensive plays of the game were run out of the wishbone. Three and out. Never saw it again.

    That being said, if they are working on something in that vein, my guess is that it is specific for Alabama. If you will recall, probably the biggest overlooked play in the SECCG was our 3rd and 1 with about 8 to play. We ran Gurley up the gut and didn’t get it. We punted and the rest as you know is history.

    Two things we know about Alabama. 1) they are extremely tough to run on between the tackles. They have a ton of players they can rotate in and they know how to squeeze down a hole. That makes icing a game away very difficult. (I thought we should have tried play action on the 3rd and 1.) 2) Alabama has struggled with the option game. Go back and look at what Southern gained on the ground.

    That being said you can only be effective at running the triple option by repping it over and over. With the players we have, it would be deadly if run correctly. Please do not ever forget that Tech struggles not because of the offense, but because they can’t recruit talented players to it. If Paul Johnson were dropped into Tuscaloosa next spring with an option qb, no one would get within 21 points. Things would then drop off dramatically as the talent dwindled down to the Division II talent we now see at Tech.

    Johnson’s offense is impossible to stop given equal talent on both sides of the ball. The reason their success has waned in the series is that we are faster and stronger than they at every position. Getting away from Willie’s “assignment defense” approach has helped too, but that’s another story.