Georgia-LSU game day thread

I’m getting ready to head out the door for my fair share of beer, fried chicken, perfect weather and a great game.

I respect the hell out of today’s opponent, but Georgia’s an awfully hard team to beat when it’s clicking on all cylinders.  That, of course, is the question:  can Georgia stay out of its own way enough to win?

I remember thinking during the ’09 season that it seemed like the team calibrated its turnovers to find the sweet spot where it could turn the ball over just enough to still get the win.  (Alas, it wasn’t very good at it.)  I sort of feel the same way about the costly mistakes this year.  They gave ten points to Clemson and lost.  Seven points to South Carolina and won.  Fourteen points to North Texas and won.  Now, LSU ain’t North Texas, but, to counter some of LSU’s good impression, Georgia ain’t Auburn, either.

A South Carolina level of focus and intensity today, and I think the Dawgs win, and can even survive a mistake.  Much less than that, and they’d better keep their act together if they want to go to 3-1.  Here’s hoping.


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97 responses to “Georgia-LSU game day thread

  1. GOD SPEED SENATOR….to you and THE DAWGS. Let’s do this!!!!

  2. Chuck

    Been pessimistic most of the week, but riddle me this: who is most likely to crap his pants today, AM or Mett? Yeah, if Zach is tight and throws a few picks this could be lovely.

  3. baddawg

    Go Dawgs!!! Weather is beautiful here in Athens! This is my toast to the season. God willing I experience something my family did the year before I was born. Win today gentlemen and my business trip to new orleans next week will be glorious! Go dawgs baby

  4. It will be GLORIOUS! Glory, Glory to Ole GEORGIA….Sing it with me now…..

  5. Dolly Llama

    Good God, South Carolina’s melting down.

  6. Frank Dawgtangelli (f/k/a Brandon)

    Who is Central Florida’s defensive coordinator? They are shutting out the mighty South Carolina offense that we had to rely largely on sun in the eyes to stop. Central Florida ain’t exactly lightin’ up South Carolina’s defense like we did though, no matter, Grantham is our great coordinator, he yells a lot and cusses, Bobo suxxxxx, we should get rid of that piece of shit with his measly 400-500 yards per game. Offense it’s always offense with youse guys and you leave the defense to last. Cicci, the door! (Goes and drinks out of garden hose).

  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    At the risk of being repetitive,

    Clear eyes, Full Hearts….
    Git er done Dawgs.

  8. Nate Dawg

    Sing it with me now:
    Georgia Bulldogs!

  9. Turd Ferguson

    I really hope we can find a way to stop the Copeland-Hill combo from running all over us. Getting gashed over and over again by Lacey and Yeldon in the SECCG was so demoralizing.

    And I’d love to see Murray outplay Mett by a country mile today. The whole “Murray vs. Mett” narrative has got to stop.

  10. The Lone Stranger

    Just you watch this smartypants QB tear apart the Bengals! It’s bee-utiful.

  11. Dolly Llama

    Good God, what a pretty, pretty drive to start this game. More, please.

  12. Dolly Llama

    It’s going to be one of those games.

  13. The Lone Stranger

    Ugh … Swann AGAIN!

  14. The Lone Stranger

    Dropping linemen outwit Murray again. Inconceivable.

  15. Dolly Llama

    Well, damn. Nothing’s easy, I guess. Go DAWGS!

  16. Dolly Llama

    Seems like I say this on just about every big matchup we have, but damn I wish I’d have taken the “over.” I don’t even know or care what it was, I wish I’d have taken it.

    If that turnover and cheap score ends up being the difference in this game? Oh, Lord, it will be hard to take.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Yup, this is destined to go OVER 62. Let’s see what CTG can whip up. Fingers crossed doubly.

      • Brandon

        I suspect CTG won’t whip up anything, maybe the sun will be really bright in the second half and in LSU’s face and when can get at least one stop. CTG will yell really loud I am sure though, which is the only thing Georgia demands of its defensive coordinators.

        • Brandon

          Well kiss my grits, a first half stop, thank you Mr. Floyd.

          • The Lone Stranger

            And you know what? I may be wrong but that botched LSU punt return may have owed to just that peculiar Sun from the SW corner! I believe some higher force has been hovering over Sanford Stadium for the first two SEC tilts.

  17. Sparrow

    At least we know who will give Cam Cameron a BJ after the game…

  18. Dave

    if we don’t put the other kicker in….(takes long drink)…..arggghhhhh….(another drink)

  19. Dolly Llama

    OK. We need a 90-yard drive for 7 right here. Just like that first series. In the immortal words of Mr. Munson, I wanna be “biting it off in big chunks.”

  20. Dolly Llama

    I sure hope Gurley’s injury isn’t as bad as it looked. Damn. Just damn.

  21. Dolly Llama

    And Uncle Verne and them can kindly quit showing replays of it now. If someone wants football injury porn, they can set it up on their sick-ass Youtube channel. I expect better from professional broadcasters.

  22. Sparrow

    Where is Hicks?

  23. Dolly Llama

    We need points before the half. Preferably seven of them.

  24. Hogbody Spradlin

    And oldie from the mid 70’s:

    GO, GO, GO you hairy Bulldogs!

  25. Dolly Llama

    Got-amighty DAWGS!

    I pray like hell Gurley’s ankle is OK, but win or lose, I don’t give a damn, I DO NOT want to see him back in this game. Better to run Marshall (who’s doing just fine) than turn a minor out-for-a-week-or-two injury into a season- or (God forbid) career-ender just out of desperation. Respect Gurley’s abilities and potential. Don’t push it. He’s done for the day, coaches. Please.

  26. Hogbody Spradlin

    Why, pray tell, does every emerging field goal kicker have his coming out party on us?

  27. Skeeter

    We are porous.

  28. Chuck

    When you can’t cover, it makes for a long day.

    • The Lone Stranger

      I’m just not getting Swann; these mixed coverages and blown stuff I suppose can be attributed to a RFr. calling the signals back there, but Swann is flailing around on many plays. He appears not at all composed.

  29. 20 ninjas

    I am dying here. Four down with 3:21 left … my stomach is in knots.

  30. Grantham sucks so bad I don’t even know where to begin. 4 scores on 4 second half possessions for LSU. Grantham is not better than Willie Martinez. Will there ever be another game where we keep an FBS opponent to under 30 points?

    • Normaltown Mike

      If Sly Croom gets hired again…maybe.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I guess Chavis sucks too. I guess that is why uT run him off.

      • LSU went up against a prolific UGA. Our D made an average QB look like a Heisman candidate….but we do that every week.

        • Dboy

          Scott, Mett is nor longer average. He threw some stellar NFL passes and managed the game well.

          • Why is it after every game the opposing QB is lauded as having a breakout career game against us? I heard the same refrain all last season.and now 4 straight games this year. I guess its just bad luck that we have to face so many brilliant quarterbacks.

            • baddawg

              Bc we just palyed #6 lsu. And 2 other top 10 teams that wanted to win the national title also. This aint no cake walk my friend. No team in the history of college football has played , and won, against a schedule like this. Did you think mett wouldnt be good?!?! Shit its only the biggest game hes ever played in his life. And by the way. Amy team that pkays us for the rest of the year. Yeah. There biggest game too. Even nobodies step up in the moment. But. And there is a but. And its a gurley less murray that shoooweeeddd out. Thats right

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                If UGA had lost this game we should ride McGarity out of town on a rail and tar and feather the SOB. In the history of CFB no team has ever had to start a season playing 3 Top 10 teams in 4 games before. The most that any other team has ever had to do was play 2 Top 10 teams in a row (that happened 3 times and those teams all lost both games). I just hope scheduling this magnificent offensive football team to begin its season at Clemson (and losing that game by 3) doesn’t come back to haunt the Dawgs in December.

                • The Lone Stranger

                  I worry much that Clemson sweeps the season (just like tOSU does) and that keeps the Dawgs on the outside. It would be truly gut-wrenching to witness that. But the Dawgs will have something to say about all that should they squash the #1 team in the Big One in Atlanta. (Also, per your Top 10 teams factoid, I read only 3 teams since ’98 had played three Top 10 foes).

  31. Mark Richt has lost control of Aaron Murray not winning the big ones.

  32. Normaltown Mike

    I need another bottle of Maalox!

    Just glad AM was able to win this one after he allowed the opponent to score over 40.

  33. charlottedawg

    Aaron Murray, big game quarterback.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Sho ‘Nuff on that — his stature continues to grow. I thought Greene and Shockley spread the completions around, but Murray is simply in such total control of this offensive system that he can carve out whatever he needs.

  34. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ok folks….are you ready for this? Anybody who has been through this is pretty damn old…Listen to them, assume nothing, one at a damn time.
    From here on out its all about faith, faith in your team, faith in your coaches, faith in your hat.
    If you do that, pray for #3’s ankle.

    And let’s get ready for the damn Vols. GATA!!!!!!!

  35. Carolinadawg

    Wow, what a damn game. If our D can grow up, we will be a force. I do wish Bobo realized the need to change the game plan after Gurley went out. Marshall isnt as big and strong. A few screen passes would have been nice.

    • Russ

      But we never really used our FBs after Gurley left. And was Hicks benched first half? Missed the passes to Hicks as well.

  36. section Z alum

    grantham brought ray drew, jenkins, and bailey on same side on last lsu play.

    amen and amen and amen

  37. TennesseeDawg

    If Hutson would have started, we’d have won by 40

    • What’s happens to us next we when we don’t have the QB to put up 40 every game?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        You raise a legitimate point Scott. The old saying was “you win championships with defense.” Our defensive secondary as a unit can’t/won’t cover and can’t/won’t tackle.We cannot continue to give up 40 points and expect the O to outscore the opposition.

  38. Ausdawg85

    The Redemption Game. In oh so many ways. Great to be a Georgia Bulldog!

  39. Dolly Llama


  40. So Mettenberger had the best game of his career. I am trying to recall the last time a QB didn’t have a career best game when going up against our defense.

    • ARDawg

      Cheese and rice! Enjoy the victory. Our young defense will grow better as the season moves along. Get some fresh air and have a stiff drink.

  41. Russ

    Man, that game killed me! I can’t take much more. Can we have a nice boring win next week please?

    Oh, and I want no part of LSU or A&M. I want Bama in Atlanta, and then let’s whip Clemson in the BCSCG. 🙂

  42. dudetheplayer

    I love Aaron Murray, and I love this team.

    Our defense is rough.

  43. Cosmic Dawg

    Great game for Aaron Murray, was good to see our ol’ coach get choked up at the end there, don’t tell me it wasn’t emotional for him to have ZM back in the house, but he had to be so invested in AM in particular having a good game today, too – so AM could also “acquit” himself of the charges against him (ZM is better, AM can’t win the big game, etc) .

    Sometimes the ones who don’t blow their own horns and just go about their business really get a raw deal.

    Still, if we HAD to get a lot of yards hung on us, I am okay with the good karma from the redemption story – ZM coming back and fighting the QB battle to a draw…but not winning.

    Speaking of somebody acquitting himself, I was glad it was our much-maligned walk-on safety who recovered the fumble on the punt.

    Also, our secondary is horrible and no excuse for them being so confused…I would be okay if CTG started coaching on Sundays again – we have enough empirical evidence at this point, I think.

    Any nitpicking about Bobo is just that, but I don’t understand why, especially once Gurley was injured, we didn’t see Hicks or Douglas, especially after we established (again) that Marshall Up The Middle is not our best option for run plays.

    Good day to be a Dawg.

    • Puffdawg

      Averaged 5 yards a carry with a long of 19. Marshall stepped it up today.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        4.8 ypc, if you’re keeping track… My post wasn’t meant to be a knock on Marshall, my point was that running him up the middle still does not seem to be the *best* option with him – but maybe toss sweeps and edge rushes jack up the play action passing game? I don’t know what kind of call the 19 yard run was…

        Although KM’s 19 yard run shouldn’t be “subtracted” from his stats, if you’re a coach you may want to look to see if it’s an outlier in your overall strategy. So subtracting that, a more true “median” or whatever for him was about 4.1, which was still enough to make them respect the run, but at times it felt like 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

    • The Lone Stranger

      I liked that too for Norman. The guy is a scrapper.

  44. PatinDC

    How about 4 sacks to none
    How about holding LSU to under 100 yards rushing
    How about the special teams getting it done.
    Are true freshman corners good for fans with weak hearts? no.
    Also. Aaron Murray

    • The Lone Stranger

      …and how about a 55-yd. FG from the maligned Mr Morgan. Imagine the horror that might have visited us all if that one had gone into OT. I figure Morgan has finally ironed out his mechanics and calmer waters are ahead.

  45. uglydawg

    Great win. LSU and Georgia have unbelievable offenses. The defenses may be a little off, but a lot of that is the competition. With a healthy Gurley, Georgia wins it going away..but to win against LSU with him out is huge!
    I’m getting in touch with those two rectums that announced the game and tell them what a disservice they did to all of the players on that field that weren’t named Murray and esp Mettenburger. What a bunch of bullshit…that’s all they could talk about. I think Vern has a mancrush on Mett. Very classy and touching comments by AM and CMR after the game.
    SCORP…can we be confident going into Knoxville?

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Confidence is a wonderful thing for the players, a very dangerous thing for those of us out of the arena, as the pressure builds and we begin to believe the bullshit we hear on TV, it is easy to get over confident.

      Seems like the last time we went to ObKnoxacatur after beating LSU we got our eggs scrambled…so that’s my answer.

      I gotta say I am real damn sorry the defense disappointed so many of you fellers…seems like when the gun went off we had three more points than them boys did…what else matters?

  46. mg4life0331

    grantham had the right calls in on a couple of plays. They players just didnt execute. This will probably looked over, Ill be posting this again. Grantham called the right plays in the second half. LSU was a 2 trick pony and he had em. It was over in the middle of the 3rd.

    • I guess we should give Grantham a big raise and an extension because he had the right scheme called on a couple of plays. WOW, The bar has been set really low on the defensive side of the ball.

      • Dboy


        Both LSU and UGA replaced a ton of starters on defense and we are playing a number of TRUE freshman. Both offenses were better than the defenses in experience / talent. You can argue that Grantham’s Defense out performed Chavis Defense. Take it easy and be glad for the win. The defense will improve with time.

        • Dboy

          We beat 2 top 10 teams in 3 weeks. Enjoy!

          • You are right Dboy I do need to enjoy it. Sorry for being a party pooper. But I realized in the second half that we can’t win a championship with this defense. We had a golden opportunity last season, but our D underachieved and now we are even worse.

        • Dboy, that excuse might have some credibility if our defense didn’t suck so bad last year when we had all that NFL talent.

          • baddawg

            Also to you. Read above. Dawgs going to get the best from your high school team. Lsu has a great qb. Remember we had him. And yeah our def has to be better in the back. Wow floyd made there giant line look like nothing. And our oline played better then ive ever. … cant tell me lsu will lose many more games. Maybe. As im watching bama. Maybe one. That was a for real game. Every team will bring A+ against us…. im used to it. Just not used to driving for a win. Wow I say. Wow

        • Skeeter

          Solution: drink mor burbon!

    • “It was over in the middle of the 3rd”..what crack were you smoking. And LSU scored on ever possession in the second half until the last drive. Good play calling.

      • ScoutDawg

        I wonder what your suckpuppetry name is loser.

        • baddawg

          This scott guy sucks. Wtf. Sorry we dont win by 40. Sorry our players are human and make mistakes. This guy. Agh. This guy. Go away. We won by the way. Come drink some bourbon with me so you can forgwt this negativity. … by the way. Murray. You da man

  47. ScoutDawg

    I don’t see how, but, it will be interesting to see tomorrow if LSU gets Dawgraded.

  48. fred

    Just maybe after 12 years CMR has learned to coach. Tell you after FL TN Auburn.