Mark Richt is losing control of everything.

Auburn signee from Georgia gets nailed with two felony drug-related charges.

Two Tennessee players were arrested this weekend on alcohol-related charges and resisting arrest.

All we need is a scooter arrest to complete the trifecta.


UPDATE:  Is there an echo in the room?

Per an Auburn spokesman, coach Gus Malzahn is “aware of the situation and is continuing to gather information” on the arrest.

“We are aware of the situation and are still in the preliminary stages of gathering all facts and information,” coach Butch Jones said in a statement Sunday morning.

“Aware of the situation and is continuing to gather information” = coachspeak for “oh, shit, where’s the number for that defense attorney on my speed dial?”.


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18 responses to “Mark Richt is losing control of everything.

  1. Mudcats Impala...

    Team votes y/n? The LSU way…

  2. “Bessent, a four-star recruit and one of the nation’s top-12 rated cornerbacks, was riding in the front passenger’s seat of a 2007 Dodge Charger that had 202.5 grams of marijuana in four separate bags under the two front seats, according to the Nassau County Sheriff. The vehicle was pulled over at about 10 p.m. Friday night in western Nassau County for going 58 mph in a 45-mph zone.” Opelika Auburn News

    “Now I don’t know if that means 202 gms total in all bags combined (8 ounces). Or 202 gms in each bag. That’s a about 1 and 1/2 pounds. But they just stepped their game up. Crowell had a pistol with filed serial numbers under his seat and somehow managed. I don’t know which the police consider the more dangerous. “

  3. Bright Idea

    As the SEC Turns

  4. This stuff has been going on since the 70’s. It is just so easy these days. Anything the police can do to get their 15 minutes… Their claim to fame, etc.

    • 66DAWGnNC

      Joy I can assure you the Nassau County Sherriff’s dept has no agenda and is not seeking “their 15 minutes” as you put it. I have known the Sherriff there personally for over 50 years. He is a retired Lt from the FHP and a straight-up guy. Most likely, I know the arresting deputy as well. I grew up there. I will also assure you that the citizens of Nassau County, Fla. could care less about an Auburn football recruit from Camden Co., Ga. unless he violates the law, which is clearly the case here. While some police officers may have an agenda, I encourage you to know the facts and to think next time before you post such an asinine comment.

      • You are right. Based my comment on my experience or facts with Atlanta and Athens since the 70’s. Completely different element.

        • 66DAWGnNC

          I agree that in Atlanta, and especially in Athens, the local PD may have an agenda. It seems like there is a UGA player arrested for something frivolous all the time. In western Nassau County, however, it is mostly cow pastures, timberland, or farm land. It is a completely different element. I apologize if I was harsh with you. You were talking about one of my close friends and I took it too personally. Thanks for the reply. It took a big girl to admit that and so I am admitting I should have toned down my reply to you.

          • I understand, have a couple of dear friends involved in law enforcement on a Federal level. I forget there are many like them out there everywhere serving and protecting us.

  5. simpl_matter

    When you sign half a hundred, the law of averages isn’t in your favor (unless you goal is winning the Fulmer Cup).

  6. RP

    “All we need is a scooter arrest to complete the trifecta.”
    Senator, please delete that immediately before Mssr. Williamson’s boys make it happen. I bet Clemson ans SC will have operatives blanketing our campus for the next 6 months to assist the ACCPD with intel.

  7. Dawgwalker07

    If he gets kicked off Auburn’s team before he ever arrives on campus is he still eligible to go JUCO, transfer back into Auburn, and then have the media tell us his tell of overcoming adversity?

    • Bulldog Joe

      No, boosters pay the fine and get him community service at key area high schools where he can recruit for AU.

      Then get him on campus as quickly as possible under the jurisdiction of the Lee County Sheriff’s Department so this never happens again.

  8. Damn. This happened down here near Amelia Island. My guess is that he gets reduced to misdmeanor charges – or no charges – and never misses a practice or game at Auburn. Without knowing anything more than what the article says, I would be surprised if the weed belonged to this kid. But, he needs to find new friends to drive around with.

  9. BMan

    202.5 grams of marijuana? Somebody better go back and get a shitload of brownie mix.

  10. Bulldog Joe

    The Process® begins in Knoxville.

  11. hell yeah

    whens the G-Day game