This is how Mark Richt deals with an ice storm.

Curling, Dawg style.

He’s got time on his hands now that he’s got the special teams straightened out.


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19 responses to “This is how Mark Richt deals with an ice storm.

  1. section Z alum

    funny as hayul. does saban just yell at the snow for wasting his time?


  2. ScoutDawg

    Looks pretty rejuvenated right there.


  3. I wish CMR would lighten up a little. If we could only see his relaxed side…


  4. Reservoir Dawg

    Got quite a vertical for a guy with a fake hip.


  5. Ben

    That’s something you can’t do with an IPF.


  6. fetch

    It’s a shame he don’t drink, I’d like to have a drink with that guy.


  7. Joe Schmoe

    He sure seems like he is having a lot of fun lately


  8. Cosmic Dawg

    It is awfully hard to understand not wanting that guy running your program…13 years of fairly consistent winning – none of the serious troughs of the other programs in the SEC – and a good joe, too.


    • just two mistakes have kept him from a national title…willie and grantham. 2002 was really the year, but we still had that mental block with UF and lost to a gator team that went 8-5 with Ron Zook in his first season. ouch.


  9. AusDawg85

    Watching “Justified” last night, got to thinking that I’d like to see Timothy Olyphant play the role of CMR in the movie…maybe not Conley’s Star Wars epic, but one about his coaching career.


  10. Sanford222view

    Watch out for the negative recruiting tactics this spawns regarding Richt leaving UGA to focus on his training for the 2018 Winter Olympics!


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