Don’t quit your day job, Tim.

If this is what passes for cutting edge analysis on the SEC Network…

Tebow, the former Heisman Trophy winner from Florida who spent three years in the NFL, is shifting gears to become an analyst and explained why “SEC Nation” chose the Vanderbilt-Ole Miss game as one of its first stops.

“It’s going to be a big game for Mississippi and for Vanderbilt,” said Tebow, who was in town for the Music City Sports Festival at Music City Center along with Spears, Finebaum and Tessitore.

“You’ve got a Mississippi team that has had great recruiting, and everyone hasn’t necessarily lived up to their potential. But I think Hugh Freeze is a good coach and I think (quarterback) Bo Wallace is going to have a good year. It’s going to be a good game for these teams because you’ve got a Vanderbilt team that’s coming off one of the best seasons it’s had in beating Tennessee, Florida and Georgia in the same year. Are they going to be able to have the same caliber of team with a new coaching staff? It’s going to be really interesting to see.”

… my Saturday mornings are going to stay pretty free.



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20 responses to “Don’t quit your day job, Tim.

  1. If it helps, I have it on good authority that Tebow’s acted like a real prima donna ever since landing the SEC Network gig, backing out of appearances and making extravagant requests. Hopefully ESPN will lose patience with him sooner rather than later.


  2. Athens Dog

    Why would anyone watch this crap vs. Chris and the gang?? I think this is going to be a major miss. At least I hope so……..


    • frowertr


      The first week the ratings will be decent, but I still it going downhill very VERY quickly…


    • stoopnagle

      I agree. I’m not sure SEC Net Game Day is going to replace what little Gameday I watch anyway. Honestly, I catch like 10 minutes across 3 hours due to pre-game responsibilities or doing “have-tos” so I can watch games later.

      Not a big deal but just one more reason to not want SECN.


  3. mdcgtp

    Senator, this is his day job. While it is 100% clear to me that there is absolutely no place for him in the NFL at any position (FB, TE, special teamer), i think there may be no place for him in the CFL or the Arena football as well. Given the fact that he is only capable of spouting cliches that mean nothing and is generally regarded to have limited intelligence, I think he has found lifetime employment. Further, given the fact that Andre Ware is a far less relevant personality to most viewers and routinely assaults their intelligence with little to no implication for his continued employment, I would reiterate that this is his day job, and unfortunately, we all need to get prepared for a lot of Tim Tebow over the next 25 years.


  4. fatman48

    IMO Musburger is being pacified, then they have two ex-florduh quarterbacks, one who is rude and thinks his opinion is the only opinion(JP), and the other, who can’t figure out why his career after college “Went down the shitter”, What happened to Pollack ?


  5. americusdawg

    I don’t know very many SEC football fans that are gonna watch this cast of characters/polarizing figures on Saturday mornings. I don’t think that the WWL’s College Gameday is perfect, but I know I can watch it without throwing up in my mouth a little.


  6. ClydeBoogie

    I only need Corso and his Sugar Plum Belly Flop on Saturdays.


  7. Big Shock

    I don’t think that’s bad spin from Tebow. The alternative would have been, “I can’t imagine any other networks would have picked up the Vandy/Ole Miss game, so we figured we’d show it on the SEC network”. That can’t be good for ratings.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    Can’t see any synergy between Tebow and Finebaum.

    I hope they weren’t signed to long-term contracts.


  9. UFTimmy

    He’s getting better. When he was at UF, he used Awesome every other word. Now he’s using Good every other word.

    You will never see any commentator in the entire country work as hard as he will work the rest of the season


  10. Mike Cooley

    I know with absolute certainty that I will not be watching a single moment of this foolishness. I’ve been burnt out on Game Day for a few years now and Herbstriet made it unwatchable for me when he acted like the petulant jerk that he is regarding us UGA fans. I do think Fowler is pretty good as is Rece Davis. If we could get a show featuring those two and some former player or coach who can be professional and add something other than goof factor or serving as someone to anger certain fan bases then I would watch that show.


  11. I read an interview with Tebow’s lab partner in a general science class. Tebow is dumber than dirt. Ever seen his college transcript? 70% of his class credits were in volunteer work.


    • Cojones

      God has been good to Timmy and the 20 or so shorter-than-most-dicks Phillippinos he circumcised. Whatever happened to his missionary plans if the NFL didn’t work out? Maybe he’s going to trim some dickheads at ESPN.

      That would make a good ad: Male employees momentarily covering their crotch when passing him in the hallways.


  12. Agree with everything said but for me it won’t matter since Comcast still hasn’t decided to carry SEC Network.