Must… not… use… lost control meme… must not…

One of Georgia’s top 2015 targets, five-star safety Rashad Roundtree, has some concerns about the home state team.  Specifically, what’s with all those players leaving?

“It is really different,” Roundtree said. “You’re wondering what’s the problem or what’s going on at Georgia that makes everybody either get kicked off or want to leave. So it is kind of like, ‘Is there something under the covers that they are just hiding?’ So there is always that kind of feeling that this could be the wrong choice.”

Since Roundtree goes on to speak highly of Georgia’s coaches (Pruitt by name, in fact), you have to think this is something coming up on the recruiting trail.  And before you ask…

“I am hearing from Georgia the most,” Roundtree said. “After that it would be Florida and Ohio State or Auburn…”


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  1. Bob

    I am absolutely shocked to hear that UF, AU and OSU may be negatively recruiting (if not outright paying in one instance).

    Yeah, and something is wrong under our “moped” and “forgetting their middle names” covers when those schools’ talent is busy shooting up apartments, using dead girlfriends’ credit cards or armed robbing trailers.


  2. Its Meyer of course, but we only have ourselves and our policy to blame for the way we handle our business. It feeds so well into tv/newspaper/talk radio fodder. I tuned into Buck and Kincade by accident for 10 seconds the other day and Kincade was blasting Richt for suspending players for pot but not for stealing. We just don’t handle things internally and for that we are and will pay the price in recruiting.


  3. Gatriguy

    This seam like an easy fix: just explain that if you don’t act like an idiot, you won’t get thrown off the team, even if you’re a complete and total bust as a player, which isn’t the case elsewhere.


  4. Dog in Fla

    McClendon issues alert to Pruitt Sector of Butts-Mehre Defense Complex Bunker about ill- wind of negative recruiting. First order of business, how to cue vinyl record on turntable to get in right frame of mind

    Second order of business, who is the assistant that would risk his neck for a recruit, man? Third, find microphone to explain why being out on the west coast is different because there is an entirely different kind of atmosphere and feeling. Some call it a response boundary perimeter penetrated by occasional invaders from Palmdale* and/or Watts**. Others call it
    LA where you always have to give directions to someone on how you got there and where you’re going

    *Take W Palmdale Blvd onto CA-14 S; Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-5 S/Golden State Fwy/Los Angeles and merge onto I-5 S/Golden State Fwy; Take the California 170 S exit toward Hollywood; Merge onto CA-170 S; Merge onto US-101 S; Take the I-110 S/Harbor Fwy exit toward San Pedro; Merge onto CA-110/Harbor Fwy; Continue onto I-110 S/Harbor Fwy S; Exit onto W Exposition Blvd

    **Take S Wilmington onto E Century Blvd; Turn right onto I- 10 N ramp to Los Angeles; Merge onto I-110 N; Take the Exposition Blvd exit toward 37th St; Merge onto S Hope St (signs for Exposition Boulevard); Turn left onto W Exposition Blvd or just head north four and half miles


  5. Hank

    Kudos on your will power!!


  6. georgiajeepn

    At least Mr. Roundtree does not have to worry about coming to Georgia and making a fool of himself if he cannot understand why all those players left or were kicked off the football team. He can just go elsewhere. No big deal. I sometimes wonder if we just recruited at the most 4 star players and only players with good academic skills would we have been better off over the years?


    • DawgPhan

      yes because only someone lacking “good academic skills” would wonder why a potential employer has such a high turnover rate.


  7. WF Dawg

    Isn’t Roundtree’s dad in law enforcement? Just put him on the phone with CMR for a few minutes so they can commiserate about knuckleheads. That should clear everything up.


    • Bob

      His father is the new Richmond County Sheriff (Augusta), but the kid goes to school in Columbia County at Lakeside of Evans.


      • Debby Balcer

        I think his parents are divorced. His mom works for Columbia County schools. Both my kids graduated from Lakeside a very strong academic school.


  8. South FL Dawg

    For a school with a well regarded journalism program we sure suck at press relations.


  9. uglydawg

    And in Atlanta, someone at the AJC is smiling because their favorite meme is growing roots and promises to bear fruit.
    .If I were rich like most of you are, (:)) I’d explore buying a page in a prominent newspaper and doing an expose’ comparing UGA’s practicing discipline policy and other schools’ weak and never applied policies even to the point of describing how (AU) specific teams recruit players that other teams have dismissed for being thieves, etc….
    The kids may or may not appreciate it, but their parents would.
    Georgia is going to keep getting beat up on this until they do something proactive to counter it.
    The reason behind this is obvious….There are media entities and other schools that are really, really afraid of UGA and it’s potential. They’ll do this or almost anything else to stifle it…and they’ll do anything to compete..Auburn will do ANYTHING to win.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    If I were recruiting against Georgia, all I would do is forward all of UGA’s press releases.

    That would be more than enough to get the job done.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Well, as Coach Richt said, every Bulldog Joe out there would like to tell us how to do our job. 🙂


  11. Porter Osborne Jr.

    Negative recruiting at it’s finest.