I almost feel guilty bringing this up now, but last month’s traffic was through the roof.  GTP wound up averaging better than 22,000 hits a day.  Of course, I await this month’s inevitable let down.

Thanks for coming, y’all.


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14 responses to “682,239

  1. baitstand

    Perhaps speculation about Richt’s replacement will keep traffic up.


  2. The other Doug

    We lack focus and inevitably drop an important month. You should expect it by now.


  3. Rebar

    Thanks for having us!


  4. Rusty

    Despite my anger and the extremely paInful letdown, I am reminded that I’m still a Dawg. And you are my favorite Dawg Blogger. Continue on, sir.


  5. Much needed therapy.


  6. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    This is still the best place to go for intelligent reflection. Without this blog, we’d all be jumping off of bridges (in Jacksonville) right now.


  7. CannonDawg

    When I first noticed the title of this post, I thought it might be the rushing yards Florida accumulated on the Dawgs. But alas, it’s a happier story. Not surprising that this forum continues to grow. Well done, Senator.


  8. Gravidy

    My visits to this blog are pretty constant in good times and bad. Although in bad times, I usually stay away from the comment sections.

    Thanks again for the work you do.


  9. Dolly Llama

    Two words for you: Condi Rice.


  10. Will Trane

    No Senator, we thank you. Great site…informative, timely, well-thought-out, enjoyable…many thanks, blessings, and good health. Keep it going!


  11. Carolinadawg

    My only regret is the possibility you might be making money off this site.


    • Fortunately for me, I don’t have any regrets about banning you from this site. I don’t mind people disagreeing with me, but you can show your ass somewhere else.

      At least you can bask in the warmth of knowing I’ll no longer be making money every time you share your insight and wisdom with us.


  12. Thank you…. I have wanted you to ban him for two years! 😍