“Clearly the more we dig into this, the more troubling it gets.”

Donald Remy, I do not think “was entirely independent from the NCAA” means what you think it means.

Once again, I can’t help but wonder who on the NCAA’s crack legal team thinks it’s never a good idea to settle a lawsuit.


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12 responses to ““Clearly the more we dig into this, the more troubling it gets.”

  1. Normaltown Mike

    A good lawyer knows that you settle your good suits and take your bad ones to trial.


  2. Err, not when you bank at the First State Bank of Public Opinion.

    Can you say. ‘Jan Kemp’.

    Fred Davidson and Virginia Trotter had to join the unemployment line over the PR fallout. The Teflon Vince did survive, but with a new AH boss.

    NCAA should settle now. Should have settled earlier. Damn the Torpedoes; Full Speed Ahead !


  3. Brandon (Version 1)

    The NCAA’s lawyers are clearly dealing with an unreasonable client who is tone deaf to risk. I am sure there is a nice cya “hey dude its your money” letter in those files.


  4. Dawgy1

    Looks like the NCAA has a “Lack of institutional control”.


  5. They never settle a lawsuit because they have principles. Old, outdated, imaginary world principles.


  6. Big Albany Dawg

    If I were a betting man, I’d say Emmert got wind this was going public which led to the lifting of sanctions on Sept 12th, this year ?


  7. Dog in Fla

    “Freeh’s firm was paid $8.2 million by Penn State to conduct the inquiry….like shooting road kill.”

    But Louie still can’t drive 55

    “Shortly after noon on August 25, 2014 Freeh was headed south on Vermont 12 in his 2010 GMC Yukon when he drove off the east side of the road. The vehicle struck a mailbox at 2762 Vermont 12 and a row of shrubs, before stopping against a tree, police said. The Wilmington, Del. resident was flown from Barnard to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, N.H., under armed guard.”



  8. Denver94

    Clearly, the Senator needs a new adverb.


  9. Dolly Llama

    So is the NCAA going to pick up half of Freeh’s bill now?


  10. Cojones

    Dang, didn’t know the NCAA had an all female legal team. ….learn more here every day.


  11. Scorpio Jones, III