“Making 50,000 may be a challenge.”

Well, you may be at Georgia Tech, but it seems there’s at least one thing you can’t do:  fill up your stadium for a big game without resorting to gimmicks.

All is still Chantastic on the Flats, in other words.


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21 responses to ““Making 50,000 may be a challenge.”

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Both offenses are boring as hell. There are many better games going on Saturday.

    Should’ve scheduled that one for Thursday night.


  2. Athens Dog

    i guess four tickets, four hot dogs, four cokes has lost it’s sizzle


  3. Beer Money

    Yeah, the gimmick should have been price reasonably. These programs just do not get it. You have to have actual demand before raising prices. You cannot just raise them for the hell of it and anticipate everybody will just be on board.

    I am thinking next year’s UGA game will be $125 face on the Flats.


  4. Russ

    Again….I’m told by all the techsters how they are automatically given 6-figure jobs each summer, and graduate as millionaires. Why do they have problems selling out their high school stadium? Couldn’t one of the “Tech Men” just buy the tickets in one fell swoop?


  5. If Georgia Tech needs to know how supply and demand works, I’m sure they could find someone smart at their business school to explain it to them. They could use the men-to-women ratio: They have lots of men. They have few women. Therefore the demand for a substitute product is high (escorts).

    The demand for GT football is low to begin with. Then you set a price floor that limits demand even further. Of course you are going to have excess capacity. It’s a basic understanding of economics. A family of four might spend $200 on four tickets to see Paul Johnson’s Circus. They aren’t going to spend $300 unless they are wearing the opposing colors.


  6. Silver Creek Dawg

    It’s so bad I’m seeing Clempson-GT tix on LivingSocial…


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    The few things that lure us downtown are shows like Disney’s Frozen On Ice or Cirque du Soleil – for our granddaughter. Maybe if gtu had some kind of kiddie show at halftime people would come in from the ‘burbs. Heck, they’ve already got a ‘freak show’ offense. Then again, CPJ would likely scare the kids or the tech students would be attacking the band, and then he’d have a stadium full of crying young girls and angry parents/grandparents.


    • Alkaline

      Location is definitely part of the problem. Maybe they should consider holding some “home” games closer to their fan-bases’ houses. They might see more interest if they played in Kennesaw State’s stadium or in one of Mumbai’s cricket arenas. (Texas is considering playing in China, for some reason, so whatever brings in the dough.)


    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      The shows you mentioned come with some decent music. Maybe if tech had a band capable of playing something other than the Budweiser commercial, there’s be more interest in what goes on in their stadium.


  8. Spike

    Maybe make some rings available if Tech wins..


  9. DawgPhan

    C’mon guys…it was nice of tech to put in those extra 3000 seats for all us Dawg fans. makes getting tickets there a little bit easier.


  10. Athens Dog



  11. Chan Gailey

    I wish you would lay off that “Chantastic” stuff concerning Tech. It’s hurting my image. I have been a Head Coach in the NFL for chrissakes. I have been gone from that place, Georgia Tech, a long time and, frankly, I don’t really care to have my name associated with Georgia Tech any longer. I wasn’t even there very long in the first place. Can’t you use “Paultastic” or “Johnsontastic” or even “Fishfrytastic?” “Dicktastic” would be fine also. (Fits that guy, I’m told.) Just quit using my name or I’ll have my lawyer send a Cease and Desist letter to the blogmaster of this blog, what’s-his-name….Governor Plutasky.


  12. 😄 Now that’s funny.


  13. aikendawg

    tech people are soooo smart. lol dabo u. will have at least 20,000 fans at the ugliest stadium in the ghetto. gata jyd