Both of these can’t be right.

The current lede on the main clip at ESPN’s College Football page asks:  “How do rivalry games get even more important? When playoff spots are on the line.”

Meanwhile, from Andy Staples:

Georgia Tech at Georgia: Instead of Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate, we could see Clean, Old-Fashioned Trying Not To Get Anybody Hurt With Conference Championship Games Next Week. The Bulldogs will learn Friday at the end of the Arkansas-Missouri game whether they’ll play for the SEC title next week. The Yellow Jackets are already slotted to face Florida State for the ACC title. The dynamics of the game could be quite odd if each team is looking ahead to trying to win a conference title the following week.

Does that mean he thinks Tech won’t resort to cut blocking as much?  But I digress…  oh, yeah.  Nothing here that an eight- or sixteen-team playoff can’t improve.



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10 responses to “Both of these can’t be right.

  1. reipar

    These are two more huge plusses to the play off system. With nothing to play for you can dash your biggest rivals dreams. Or even where both schools have a conference championship game to play in the following week you lose this game and even if you win your conference you are still eliminated from the play off by your rival.


  2. The WWL tried this lame meme in 2012 to support picking tech to upset us. We came out and showed everyone the Georgia state championship was top of mind. I have a feeling we’re going to be ready.


  3. gastr1

    Staples’ take is ridiculous. Clearly he knoweth not what speaketh of.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Unfortunately, you can pretty much count on one of our DL’s hobbling out of the game with a knee injury. Abry Jones’s major injury comes immediately to mind.

    What kind of f-king warped minded coach teaches his players to intentionally injure an opponent, particularly going for the knees when in vulnerable positions? Truth is, fishfry is far from the offensive genius some would portray him as. He’s a desperate one-trick-pony with no qualms about severely injuring an opposing player.


  5. It’s the conditioning in the HOOD that makes them play dirty. Rough area any day of the week.


  6. My dream is for us to keep our current win streak going and hit 9 in a row to have the biggest streak in the series.

    Then we lay down the law with Tech. Either they utterly and absolutely promise, publicly to stop the cut blocking, and apologize for it in the past, or the series is over.

    I hate Tech. I want to beat them so bad every year. But the cut blocking situation is bullshit, and they also need to understand this is not a relationship of equals. Their program is trash and nobody gives a shit about it. Their fanbase is tiny. They bring very little to the ratings.

    Georgia could schedule a more interesting game every year, play Clemson every year, a ton of different options, that would be better for our program, make more money, etc.

    I don’t want to end the series, but I would love for us to play hardball to establish the pecking order, put them in their place, and guarantee a little bit more safety for our players.


  7. Macallanlover

    Obviously Andy “ain’t from around heah” and makes a complete ass of himself with that observation. This isn’t our first rodeo in this situation (it isn’t even pitiful Tech’s first time), where is the evidence of just ONE player being held out, and no evidence of either coach holding back on their players, scheme, or effort. Of course, SI headquarters were in New Your City when I dealt with them, and that may explain their being baffled about CFB, and certainly passionate rivalries. This isn’t the NFL boys/girls. Who gets their CFB fix from their pages,


  8. Keese

    We all know the game is hard fought and on the line when their relegated to respective conference bowls. Hokay


  9. some one might get hurt really…have these people ever played football? Of course someone might get hurt but does it mean they don’t put their best players on the field? Hey, Staples take one of your idiotic polls and ask the Techies what they would rather do….beat the Dawgs or be ACC champs? I bet we all know the answer to that question. They would sell their girlfriends in to the sex/slave trade to beat Georgia….if they had one.