Uncle Verne’s “In Your Life”

Regardless of whether you think Verne Lundquist’s lost a step or two these days, this documentary ought to be a trip to watch.

It’s just sad to think that all the great college football broadcasters I’ve listened to over the past thirty or forty years will be gone from the scene in the next decade.  And all I’ll be left with is the likes of Jesse Palmer.


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7 responses to “Uncle Verne’s “In Your Life”

  1. SouthGaDawg

    I miss the color commentators who talked about the techniques going on in the game – guys that had obviously studied film beforehand. They gave the viewers insights that we would normally miss. They were mostly old coaches who were still excited about the game (ie Broyles, Madden). Like him or not, Gruden is great at this. The new breed of guys worry more about their suit and hair. Palmer and Herbstriet also seem to think they need to inject the latest social cause or opinion, and talk down to the viewer thinking we don’t understand “targeting” or what is or isn’t “pass interference.” As far as the play-by-play guys, they should be mandated to listen to Keith Jackson and Pat Summerall for a complete year before entering the booth.


  2. grouchy

    The new guys are all formula, mostly ESPN’s, and they are basically a golden midwestern voice, scripted by a bunch of dummy producers just like the news cast. When listening to the old guys like Munson, Ward, Ledford and Ciraldo, you did not have to be told who was playing. Just the voice of the announcer was enough. All these guys seem to have the same personality, bland.


  3. Macallanlover

    I have enjoyed Verne on CFB and at The Masters for decades, he has given us many memorable calls. But his time has passed and he should step away and enjoy his remaining years, he is hurting his legacy with the mistakes and having his color man cover for all the gaps/gaffes.


  4. Bear Likes Seasoned Rice

    I rather listen to Jesse Palmer than Andre Ware. He is awful. Todd Blackledge, Brad Nessler, and Herbstreit are the best.


  5. Russ

    Tell me how it is. We get to watch the Houston Thanksgiving Day parade.


  6. mIKE

    If you get tired of Jesse, you can tune to the SEC Channel and listen to Timmy!


  7. Jim

    Anyone except for gary danielson or thom brennaman. Ugh!