“We got going on the recruiting end of it.”

Brian Schottenheimer hits the recruiting circuit fast and hard.

Van Jefferson didn’t know who Georgia’s new offensive coordinator would be a week ago.

Since Brian Schottenheimer was hired last Wednesday, the former NFL assistant coach and the Bulldogs’ wide receiver commitment have gotten to know each other twice by phone—once on Friday and again on Sunday.

“He’s a great guy, he’s a cool dude and he talked to me about how I was doing and things he’s going to do in the offense,” said Jefferson, a four-star rated prospect from Brentwood, Tenn. “He’s a great offensive coordinator. Obviously, he was a pro.”

The dead period ends Thursday.  Schottenheimer will meet Jefferson in person Friday.


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9 responses to ““We got going on the recruiting end of it.”

  1. Awesome to hear considering recruiting was a questions mark for Schottenheimer. I wonder if he can pull Patrick Allen back to UGA as well. It looks like we could use another strong O Lineman this class.


  2. Cojones

    That makes a bunch of us, guys. Jefferson stated his only reason for decommitting would be because of the loss of Bobo and he wanted to hear from Schott how he would be utilized at UGA. If he saw a great deal of field time when he committed to Bobo’s O, he certainly should be happy after this conversation. If he thought he would get a lot of passes in Bobo’s running O, a new coach should be a step up.

    But I happen to think the Bobo fielty was made up and that he is headed wherever he can get a bunch of passes thrown to him. It won’t be because Schott isn’t a good recruiter. If Jefferson’s coming, he’s already on board. He cites his good friends in the other two high-flying receivers we have committed. If he’s going to play with his buddies as a team member, he is already here, but I think he wants the ball more than he sees he will get it with Chubb and other RBs here.

    This positive-negative guessing game is just that – guessing.


    • Chi-town Dawg

      I maybe wrong, but think there’s another dynamic that was in play besides the loss of Bobo. Jefferson was actually supposed to be an early enrollee and his family is VERY close to Coach Rocker from his Tenn Titan days. I can’t but help wonder if some of the uncertainty/friction (real or perceived) with the coaching staff including Rocker was a little worrisome to Jefferson. I think the positive vibes are not only because of his comfort with CBS but also clarity around the staff situation. I’m very happy to see BM step up quickly to lock the staff up and remove the uncertainty, but it’s too bad he elected not to enroll early because that leaves the door open to Ole Miss and other schools.


      • Macallanlover

        I agree. When he didn’t come in January as an EE I felt he had left us. CBS will have to take him away from someone at this point, imo. Interesting thought about his inside track through Rocker to info that could have led to this. If that is so, I doubt he comes even if CBS assures him about his role, just too much uncertainty for am 18 year old deciding about where to spend his next few years and count on his development.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    If Schotty, Sale & Co can solidify and/or land just a couple more recruits, we might have the best class in CMR’s tenure. Locking down that WR and OT, and maybe adding another last minute OL commit would be awesome. Pruitt will finish with a tremendous D class, and he’s not done yet. Looking to finish up with another couple 4 star/5 star D recruits.


  4. They better hit the road, especially OL & DL which we do have in this class. We are NOWHERE near Ohio State on either line. That is the difference. And a coach that pays attention to every detail.