The problem with “Recruiting rankings matter”…

… is that if you take the concept far enough, Alabama would never lose another SEC Championship game.

Or any conference game, for that matter.


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10 responses to “The problem with “Recruiting rankings matter”…

  1. watcher16

    Or any game period


  2. 69Dawg

    Alabama proves that just because you get the perceived “Best” high school players in the country, the 85 limit has leveled the competition. Basketball will see a form of this when UK meets a senior heavy team in the payoffs. Saban has, to his credit, kept his teams from buying the hype for the most of his years.


  3. Russ

    So, how does Bama ever lose a game? If I have only learned one thing here, it’s that Saban is the greatest coach evah, and Bama is currently the greatest team evah. If they lose, it’s not because they were upset (even though they’re always favored), or lost focus.


    • siskey

      I agree and think that this is why the rankings can only explain so much. The most amazing thing about Alabama during this run has been that every game they’ve lost has been an upset since 2009. Think about that. The 3 games in 2010, the LSU game in 2011, Manziel in 2012, Auburn and Oklahoma in 2013 and last year with Ole Miss and Ohio State, all upsets. I hope that this doesn’t continue but its still the most impressive thing I’ve seen since I began passionately following football in 1988. I think the Miami runs and FSU during the late 80s early 90s are also extremely impressive but to do it now with the amount of media coverage and money at stake is what makes Saban the best.
      I also think that Richt’s record since 2011 is really impressive. Especially when considering the injuries in 2013 and defensive inconsistency during that time.


  4. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Mizzou’s classes that were key contributors (2013 – 2011) in their last 2 SEC East titles were ranked #43, #31 & #57 … their most recent rankings were #25 & #39.