Old amateurism in new bottles

Yeah, this ought to go over well.

That sound you hear is recruiters clearing their throats.  (Jeffrey Kessler doesn’t make noise when he grins wolfishly.)


UPDATE:  Last word goes to Stewart Mandel.


UPDATE #2:  Good grief, they’ve got a track record fining kids at VaTech.

If Virginia Tech winds up in a bowl game this season, strong safety Aaron Rouse might need to ask some teammates for a loan.

Rouse was penalized 15 yards for a personal foul — his third of the season — near the end of the first quarter in Saturday’s game. Under the discipline system coach Frank Beamer instituted at the start of the season, Rouse will have to pay for his penalties. Players who commit personal fouls or unsportsmanlike conduct penalties will be fined $100 from their bowl stipend and will have to run 1,500 yards at 6 a.m. on the Wednesday after the game.

“You just can’t retaliate,” Beamer said. “You go back in the huddle and let’s play football. We know better and (personal fouls) aren’t going to happen. I think that’s another $100 and another Wednesday morning (for Rouse).”

What would have happened if the Hokies hadn’t gone bowling?

You can’t get cynical enough about college football these days.


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10 responses to “Old amateurism in new bottles

  1. Wouldn’t it be easier to fine the players the entire payment because _______ and then demand that they earn it back? You know like helmet stickers.


  2. ASEF

    I’ve never heard of a company fining an employee. I do, however, cut my kid’s allowance for certain transgressions.


  3. Dolly Llama

    So who gets the money they’re fined?


  4. Dawgincharlotte

    Senator. I always love your analysis of the Dawgs. You have no equal IMHO. But frankly I tune out when you are on your (insert ncaa soapbox issue here) as a general rule. HOWEVER, this is beyond the pale. RAGE ON Senator!


  5. DawgPhan

    that was fast.