When you’ve got three quarterbacks…

… you’ve got no quarterbacks.


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  1. I think you might as well just crash and burn with Ramsey. He has a remote upside and at least it would be entertaining.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    It doesn’t really matter who starts.


  3. Never thought I’d miss Hutson Mason so much.


  4. Argondawg

    I am in such a weird place. I am lost at how we arrived at the slow motion train wreck we have been watching since Bama. How do we go from to many good QBs to not having a solid starter? I don’t mind taking a youngster with potential and letting experience (game day) be his teacher. I can’t help but watch our offense and believe that except for a hand full of players we need to start over. We are as inept offensively as we have been in the last 20 years. There is no part of our game that I would consider good. The knock has always been if you get rid of Richt you have to start over. After what I have seen the last 4 games I can’t help but think what I am seeing on the field at least offensively is no more painful than doing just that. What do we have to build on?


    • frowertr

      Well losing Bobo and his ability to develop QBs is evident as The Senator points out. But the cancer runs deeper than that. This is poor recruiting fucking UGA straight up. Bobo, I don’t believe, could fix the mess that is at the QB position right now.

      It’s amazing that UGA has 3 scholarship QBs that wouldn’t start at a FCS school. I mean, there are no words that can explain how a Tier 1 FBS school can even be in this position. Especially considering Richt is the QB “guru”. Bad recuiting and poor coaching is all I can figure out.


  5. Grathams replacement

    UGA has 12+ offensive linemen ………..


    • The Truth

      …who are shitty. OL has never been a priority of Richt’s. I’d rather take my chances with a 3 star back behind a 5 star line than vice versa.


  6. Spike

    Obviously, as The Mayor pointed out in an earlier comment, try the other QB’s both Nick Thompson and Sam Vaughn. Both have impressive backgrounds and you know are hungary to play. It looks like Shotty and CMR may have missed some diamonds in the rough in their own background. Think The Mayor and I are crazy? What have we got to lose?


  7. Spike

    And look what Texas Tech lost. A walk on, Baker Mayfield, left there and is lighting it up at Oklahoma.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    Lambert is the only QB who has won games as a starter.

    Get behind the guy, give him leadership authority, work on his progressions, work with the line on its drive blocking technique, and work with the receivers on the ability to defeat man coverage and rep, rep, rep.

    Don’t overthink this.


  9. This is the first time I can remember UGA losing to Florida and me not being mad about it. It’s always the most important game of the year for me. But the Dawgs let me down again… for the tenth time in 15 years. I just don’t have the energy to be mad anymore about something so predictable. It’s always the same kind of mistakes. There’s only one possible explanation for why we lost so badly against Florida. And he’s higher up the food chain than the quarterback.

    Now I just feel apathetic about the whole thing.


  10. Timphd

    It won’t matter who is at QB at this point. This team’s psyche is toast. They have lost whatever mojo they may have had before the Bama beatdown. I have never seen a Ga team be so easily knocked off their game. It appeared to me that they went into this game with a sense of dread and as soon as the muffed punt happened they folded like a house of cards on a windy day. Same as when Michel fumbled the kick off at UT. And the blocked punt with Bama. This team knows they are not going to win unless they play a perfect game, and the first imperfection wipes out any fire they might have started with.

    You can blame it on recruiting, on play calling, on execution, whatever. In my mind I have come to the realization that no matter how much I like CMR, he is not in control of this team at this time. He has been a class guy for 15 years, and I truly respect him as a human being, but I believe he has lost this team. I can’t believe it will recover. I would like to be proven wrong against Kentucky, but I fear that it is the next loss to an inferior team.

    To be clear, I think this team has talent. I think the only team in the East that comes close is UF. I don’t think they are playing at that level, and that is on the coaches. There is no excuse for the level of play that has been shown so far except coaching.


  11. If you have 3 QB’s, that’s what you call fiesta. In a fiesta, all are drunk and nothing gets accomplished. LOL.


  12. ClydeBoogie

    We, really need a Tracy Rocker version of an offensive line coach. The last three games i have watched opponents D-linemen pick our O-linemen up off their feet and throw them like rag dolls. Damn damn damn! They all look the same every year shouldn’t they be getting bigger? Stronger? Man what i wouldn’t give for a couple of Max Jean-Gilles’s when that big mofo put those meat hooks on a D-lineman his ass was going for a ride.


    • My theory is that we don’t recruit the right players for the scheme. We let Bama and Auburn come instate and take the big mean maulers while we take private school players, often from other states. Example: Theus.


      • Theus was a 5-star prospect. I guess you didn’t like Boss Andrews since he’s one of those “private school players.” The Patriots would disagree with you. Not defending anyone here but offensive line is the most difficult to recruit and to develop. If you don’t get the OL coach hire right, you get horrible offensive play.


        • Id say that the turnover at the position coach probably hasn’t helped.


          • I’m no expert in o-line play, but the line has gotten blown up consistently since the Bama game. I think teams are loading the box and run blitzing regardless of down and distance because there is zero respect for the passing game and QB play. Until the passing game gets fixed, nothing changes.

            I did the analysis a year or so ago, but Georgia high schools don’t produce a bumper crop of blue chip prospects in the offensive line either.


  13. myvw

    It’s about 2016 now. Can’t win the East in 2015. So start looking ahead. Strategically, go with the Qb who is not in his final year at UGA so you have a viable backup Qb in case Eason gets hurt, or flops. I guess Ramsey is the only option now that the team goals are all out for 2015 (Div/Conf/BCS Championships).


  14. myvw

    One other thing.

    Quit the fake juice not naming the starter stuff.

    Don’t split the reps.

    Name the starter, give him 100% of the reps.


  15. Glenn Radford

    So once again midway through the season we are jumping on the wait til next year bandwagon? When exactly does next year come? We write our checks, support the program and what do we get out of it? It’s time to fish or cut bait if CMR can’t win at 4 million a year and a large and diverse talent pool. Exactly when and how is he going to recapture the by gone days of his early success?


  16. Bright Idea

    I don’t know why he would stay but isn’t Lambert eligible next year? Nothing matters, including Eason, if Schotty stays.


  17. Bobby Bowden Syndrome

    Yup, if Schotty stays, Eason turns into Sanchez. If he goes and CMR coaches him up, we get ….wait for it…..Stafford. yea.


  18. W Cobb Dawg

    CMR: “We’ll be discussing all possibilities.”

    In other words, we don’t have a clue what to do.


  19. ASEF

    People need to recognize that being disappointed is not a license to be an @$$hole. Using the Senator or another poster as a surrogate target for your Richt Rage is pointless and misdirected. This stupid binary that assumes every individual has been either totally for or totally against Richt is revisionist stupidity. Everyone has been ambivalent for awhile now to varying degrees.

    This coach is 3 years removed from playing in 2 consecutive SEC Championships. The question and hope has always been that the program could consistently maintain excellence that appeared in flashes. Answer: no. Hasn’t happened in 15 years, and its not going to. But I cht earned the opportunity to answer that question after 2011 and 2012. Anyone suggesting otherwise isn’t thinking clearly.


  20. CB

    Ramsey should definitely start. He’s only been awful every time he enters the game, but other than that he’s been pretty good right?