Jordan Jenkins is a national treasure.

He’s been hurt and Georgia’s been down, so it’s made Jenkins less of a quote machine of late, which is a shame, because he’s one of my favorite Dawgs in that department.

Fortunately for us, his team won and he played great.  Was he happy?  Yeah, I think he was happy.

“It’s just an overintoxicating feeling,” he said. “You just have so much joy, so much excitement and so much energy with the way we played. It makes up for some of the pains we’ve had throughout the season.”

“Overintoxicating”?  I think Jimmy Williamson’s ears just perked up.  He probably had one of UGA’s finest on hand to greet the team bus to make sure Jenkins wasn’t driving.

But that’s not even close to Jenkins’ finest hour yesterday.  We have Trigga Tray to thank for that.

But Jenkins admitted it was weird to see Matthews in the other uniform. They started together for a season in Georgia’s defense. When they spoke after Saturday’s game, Jenkins said he didn’t mention the Prayer in Jordan-Hare.

“I mentioned the Leonard Fournette hit though,” Jenkins said.

That was in reference to the move the LSU tailback made, causing Matthews to flip over him. 

“I love the kid to death,” Jenkins said. “He’s a knucklehead, and I’m just praying for him to get healthy.”

Classic.  Keep rollin’, Jordan.


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6 responses to “Jordan Jenkins is a national treasure.

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    In all the “intellectual” discourse it is easy to forget these kids are just people, and most important, they care a lot more than any of us can even imagine…hurt when they lose, cry for happy when they win. I need to be more aware of this.


  2. Spike

    Me too, Scorp. Well said.


  3. Gurkha Dawg

    Wish we had 20 more like him.


  4. Mike Cooley

    Over intoxication is what happens when you spend too much time with the motivation stone.