What losing to Vanderbilt sounds like.

You think we’re frustrated with Georgia’s red zone offense?  Well, imagine you’re a Kentucky defensive player who watched his offense start twice inside the Commodores’ five-yard line and come away empty handed in a four-point loss.

Actually, thanks to defensive tackle C.J. Johnson, you don’t have to imagine it.



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14 responses to “What losing to Vanderbilt sounds like.

  1. You have a player make a comment like that, and soon, you have a coaching staff on the unemployment line. Mark Stoops, be afraid, be very afraid.


  2. Macallanlover

    I understand team frustration, and “fan” frustration (although not the way a few headcases here express that), but to divide that into “unit” frustration is problematic to me. A team member realizes you win and lose together, you do not split into camps. If you have the ability to do the job better, go to the coach and show him you can solve the problem. It wouldn’t be the first time players participated on offense and defense, no rule against us. This whiner should be disciplined.


    • Dog in Fla

      “This whiner should be disciplined.”

      Maybe Stoopsie needs to call in an outside consultant because Discipline Makes You Free leaves a much greater impression when delivered in the original German


      • Macallanlover

        Sure Dr. Spock, we just love everyone and let them float with the wind dancing to their own beat. How many brain cells did you kill in your youth? No consequences for silly acts like anarchy, terrorism, resisting authority while breaking societal rules. How dumb can leftists folks really be, and what would it take to have you see reality? Power to the people Komrade!!

        Fortunately you are doomed to lose……again. The “Let It Be” “Kumbaya”,and “Imagine” weirdos keep getting made fools of by the very scum they try to protect. Shouldn’t you be flying back to the desert to help change the strategy,now you have even pissed the French off enough that they are considering taking up arms. Of course you have your puppet at 1600 laughably still telling everyone things are OK and under control. What a freaking joke. I know you have your other lib friends on this blog but go waste your time on other potential converts because your sophomoric thinking is wasted on those whose eyes are clearly on the target. Sad that the time for trouble is coming, but it does seem inevitable at this point. I don’t know if congratulations are order for such a horrendous result but this is not what was intended from the 60s style change of direction. Perhaps by the SDS and Panther groups, but not the vast majority. Intent now is evil and requires stronger action to reverse, you took it too far dummy. When a liberal French leader says it will be “pityless” in retaliation, imagine how us “moderate righties” aare prepared to go.

        Enough of your usual BS to disrupt, back to football where we are supposed to stay AH. Kick his ass Stoopsie!


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Beat A&M and the Vols and Vanderbilt is eligible for a bowl game.

    Doable, even for Vanderbilt.


  4. Russ

    If Vandy had an offensive, they’d be trouble. I know just the OC they should hire.