Okay, maybe I was wrong about that.

As silly as I think all the attention paid to the commitment process is, the idea of silent commitments strikes me as even sillier.  At least it did until I heard this rationale:

Of course there are many reasons for recruits to make a silent commit. Trent Thompson said more than once that he wanted to get his teammates exposure and felt that some coaches from other schools would quit coming to his practice if they knew he was committed.

You know, that actually isn’t inherently mockable reasoning.  I can see how that might in fact work.  Good on ‘ya, Trent.



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15 responses to “Okay, maybe I was wrong about that.

  1. BowlDawg14

    I also didn’t look at it that way.
    That is a great example of a true “teammate”.


  2. Comin' Down The Track

    I, too, was jolted to changing my thinking on that. I like it when my cynical angel get his nose rubbed in poo. It’s humbling and improves me as a person.


  3. Normaltown Mike

    This is like agreeing to stick it out on a crappy double date b/c you know your buddy really likes his date.


  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Good on ‘ya Trent is right. Shows what a good team guy he is. I hope some of his high school team mates got schollys because of the exposure they got while coaches were at his practices.


  5. Good idea on his part.


  6. That is being a team player


  7. During the recruiting process is the only time these guys will have any leverage. Take full advantage of that fact.


  8. 81Dog

    I think Litterial Green did something like this back in his senior year, too. Apparently, not all kids are hey look at me/starved for attention narcissists, for which we should all be grateful.



    I would never publicly commit IF I was a big time recruit. I would want all the SWAG and trips I could get. Of course, obviously it helps to be one of the better players at your position in the Country. Not sure this would work for a middle of the road recruit.


  10. Debby Balcer

    That is a good reason to be silent.


  11. Noonan

    Another benefit: making Saban and Rodney Garner waste trips to Albany when they could be visiting other recruits.


  12. CB

    FSF tends to muddle up their analysis with vague generalizations and opinions with no basis, but dang if they don’t hit me with just enough factual tidbits and click bait titles to keep me coming back.


  13. lakedawg

    My one question on silent comments are they more strongly committed than are just regular commits are perhaps they about equal?