It’s a great day to be a troll.

Georgia has its first spring scrimmage at Sanford Stadium today, which can only mean one thing:  spring scrimmage QBR stats!

I can hardly wait.

More seriously, it’ll be interesting to see if there are ways in which Smart treats spring scrimmage – and spring scrimmage stats – differently than Richt did.


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12 responses to “It’s a great day to be a troll.

  1. Red Cup

    Do you think it will take a FOIA to get the stats out of CKS? Don’t want UNC to get any advantage.


  2. Walt

    Anyone knoiw if this an open scrimmage the public (I.e., me) can watch live?


  3. Juan

    Is the QBR thing still supposed to be funny?


    • Can’t say as to that, but it’s certainly still mockworthy.


    • dawgtired

      It may be a point of info targeted with jokes, but I’m honestly interested. I understand that a player can look better in scrimmage than in a real game but I think we can learn something. If they struggle to be accurate in scrimmage, how will they manage accuracy when real pressure is on? It will be interesting to see how the 3 QB’s compare.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Until people stop fighting about back-up QB’s being superior to starting QB’s based upon G-day performances, it remains a poignant way to point out how stupid some people are,


  4. Argondawg

    I’d love it if he would open a practice at Sanford to the public. Not gonna happen!


  5. Cousin Eddie

    I would be hugely surprised if you hear a qbr from this or any other practice from this staff


  6. waterloodawg

    I eagerly await having the chance to examine QBR in 90 days.

    Or is that 90 working days?


  7. Dustin

    I wanted to leave a FOIA joke/comment but thought I’d have to put in a FOIA request to see what jokes had already been used and that be a least 90 days…


  8. If not, I guarantee there will be an FOIA request in 3 days.