The logic of Preseason Homerism

According to this observer at Roll Bama Roll, Jeremy Pruitt is “just a more approachable, relatable guy” than Kirby Smart.  Given that he appears to base his conclusion on the usual preseason happy talk you hear from players dealing with a new coach, my only question is this:  if Georgia players say this spring that Mel Tucker is an improvement over Jeremy Pruitt in certain regards, does that mean we should take that as gospel, too?


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12 responses to “The logic of Preseason Homerism

  1. Walt

    What still puzzles me about Pruitt is why he left FSU. Did he think he would get the head coaching job at Georgia or did he not get along with FSU staff? This is total speculation on my part. The only rumour I’ve heard was pretty outlandish. A co-worker who’s from South Georgia, but is a big FSU fan ( his dad played for Bowden at FSU) told me he’d heard Pruitt left because his wife found out he was having an affair with a co-ed. Which I think is bullshit because I can’t see Richt bringing him on staff under that cloud of suspicion.


    • UnderDawg

      I am from South Ga, too…Thomasville, to be exact. Only half an hour from Seminole Country. I work in Tallahassee, and a lot of co-workers are, as you probably expected, F$U fans. Anyway, long story short, that is exactly the story that was told to me regarding Pruitt’s departure from F$U…..well, that and the alleged stories that he and Jimbo could barely stand the sight of each other towards the end of that season.


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    “He brings a different kind of energy,” outside linebacker Ryan Anderson said. “He’s definitely more of a players’ coach.”

    Smart 1, Pruitt 0. The best coaches rarely are ‘players coaches.’

    Regardless, towards the end of both the SECC and NC game, the affection shown towards Smart from most, if not all of the D unit told me everything I needed to know. It was obvious they greatly respected Smart and would really miss him. From long, drawn out hugs, to playfully messing up his hair, and all the rest, it was clear he was a very popular leader of the Bama D.


    • dawgtired

      I wonder if that ‘player-connection’ will change some as Kirby moves to the CEO role. Mel Tucker will be the closest coach to the D now. How close will Kirby get into the actual coaching now that his duties are spread over the larger picture? Will it be a comparison of Pruitt vs Tucker or Pruitt vs Tucker/Smart?


  3. Red Cup

    Yes, but Kirby wears a visor. I’ve never really trusted a man who wears a visor.


  4. SAtownDawg

    that’s a big “if,” and based on their reaction when he left, I highly doubt we will hear the players downgrading Pruitt, whether there is an improvement or not


  5. Dolly Llama

    One more hint on why he left, Senator? It can be a vague one.


  6. Argondawg

    Pruitt is a players coach. His maturity level is about the same as the kids he is recruiting. He is a great defensive mind but has a long way to go on a personal level. Saban knows how good he is but Saban will also hammer him if he steps out of line professionally or personally for that matter. CMR never really had that hammer/nail personality to him.


  7. 92 grad

    To be fair, Kirby earned quite a bit of power and influence because he did that job for nearly a decade. Of course the new guy is going to be all fun and like able.


  8. Semper Fi Dawg

    Are the Bama players supposed to publicly say JP is a downgrade? I think not if they ever want to see the field