Don’t ditch those whiteboards yet.

The NCAA football rules committee has postponed the use of electronic devices such as laptop computers and tablets by coaches during games for at least a year.  Why?  You only get one guess:

In a release, the NCAA said after receiving feedback from coaches in Divisions I, II and III, “it was decided more time was needed to develop guidelines that would allow for consistent application of the rule, help manage the costs and to provide time to see if any unintended consequences develop.”  [Emphasis added.]

What’s the matter, guys, did you just miss the tablet sale at Best Buy?  It’s not like you couldn’t find the money if you tried.


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3 responses to “Don’t ditch those whiteboards yet.

  1. sniffer

    Why can’t the Power 5 be nice and share some of the money they have with the less fortunate conferences? The poor conferences cant help it if they are underprivileged. They need electronics, too….


  2. Uglydawg

    The “other” divisions, if they stick together, can get a lot more money out of the P5. The P5 needs cupcakes and cupcakes with a little brand recognition can ask for a raise. Set a starting bidding price to play and only negotioate upwards from it. Let Auburn and Old Miss get in a bidding contest to play Jacksonville State, for instance.


  3. AusDawg85

    Oh please…sign-up for a 2 year commitment with ATT and you get a free Galaxy tablet. Problem solved. Who’s working on that QBR app?