“Our backs back there… make us look a lot better than we are.”

Check out a surprisingly good look at expectations for Georgia’s offense here.

Stinchcomb’s conversation with Blazevich and Pyke is interesting, and the honesty with which they deliver the quote that’s the header to this post will make you laugh out loud.

The first part of the clip makes you realize how big a thing it will be for this team when Nick Chubb is ready to play.  Not just because of what his immense talent will add to the offense, but also because of the emotional lift he’ll bring to his teammates.  You can also tell how much Smart already appreciates Chubb’s work ethic.


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6 responses to ““Our backs back there… make us look a lot better than we are.”

  1. @gatriguy

    Pyke’s 2015 season is a mystery to me. How he could look like an absolute stud under Friend to getting benched under Sale is incredible. Pruitt gets a lot of credit for shaking things up, but my understanding is that Sale was highly recommended by Pruitt and turned out to be a disaster IMO.


    • Statesburr

      The line wasn’t strong enough…the SC coach last year wasn’t really a trained pro…business degree with an apprenticeship at Alabama referred by Pruitt. It just seemed Pruitt was grooming the staff and himself for the HC position.


  2. Tony Jackson

    Seems the WWL got a shot of #10 with Chaney in there….😉
    The Eason Era has commenced. There, it has been said.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Matt Stinchcomb is a big ole boy, there. Again, the SEC Network Spin Babe has nice length, big hands…gonna need an extended face mask, but has potential. Was there football in there somewhere?


  4. What, they think maybe Todd Gurley and Nick Chubb can make offensive linemen look better than they might be? Uh, yeah.


  5. CB

    The editing of the pool stand up to make it seem like a continuous organic conversation was spotty at best. No chance Stinchcomb made that corner pocket shot. Otherwise I think it was an interesting piece, but that’s probably only because the subject is my alma mater.