SEC, that’s some Year of the Quarterback you’ve got going for you.

I have no idea how accurate this list of SEC post-spring position rankings for quarterbacks will turn out to be, but if it’s anywhere close, what does it say that LSU is third?  Or that Georgia is sixth?

I’m thinking the conference better have some very stout running backs this season.


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12 responses to “SEC, that’s some Year of the Quarterback you’ve got going for you.

  1. dawgtired

    Our QB situation being middle-the-pack gives a woeful indication on the SEC signal callers this season. Funny Scarborough didn’t even mention Ramsey.

    I’m surprised Lock didn’t list higher…I know he struggled last year but I thought he showed the tools for potential…now with experience and off season practice I thought he would get more consideration.

    I notice SC is at the bottom…Boom has a huge hump to get over his first season.


  2. Dog in Fla

    “Joshua Dobbs is the smartest guy in the room”



  3. Derek

    May not be an impressive list, but its ahead of last year’s group. No Maty Mauk, no Treon Harris, and Trevor Knight is more than likely better than what A&M had last year. Only one team (MSU) gets worse at the position. Everyone else is either better or in a holding pattern.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    So lemme get this straight: Two years ago Jacob Coker, at Bama, was ranked first or close despite never having taken a meaningful snap there and never having taken a meaningful snap at FSU. OTOH Jacob Eason, at Georgia, is no better than sixth. Izzat right?



  5. Sounds about right, post-spring, but I expect it’ll change during the season.


  6. Dolly Llama

    God almighty, Muschamp was dumb as SHIT to go to South Carolina. At this rate, he’ll end up coaching defense at Northwest South Carolina or somewhere.