Musical palate cleanser, local boy made good edition

Sadly, another RIP.

Chips Moman, a producer and songwriter who helped define the Memphis sound in soul music in the 1960s, generated dozens of pop, soul and country hits and helped resuscitate Elvis Presley’s career in the late ’60s, died on Monday in LaGrange, Ga. He was 79.

You need to read the entire obit to see his astounding legacy.  Basically, if you like music from the ’60s, the odds are decent Moman had a hand in some of what you enjoy.

He wrote this song with Dan Penn.


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4 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, local boy made good edition

  1. Nate Dawg

    Man, thanks Senator – proly my favorite Aretha song…


  2. doiknowu

    He earned his place in my personal Hall of Fame by getting Bobby Womack’s voice onto vinyl. “What is This” is one of most criminally under-heard R&B songs of all time.


  3. rchris

    Interesting back story about how this song was recorded. Read the Wikipedia article on it. My favorite Moman-Penn tune is “Dark End of the Street” Gram Parsons recorded both of these songs and they were two of the best things he ever did.