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Some early Steele-y talk

Phil Steele’s 2016 magazine will hit the stands soon.  In the meantime, he’s doing plenty of promo work for it.  He did a little Atlanta sports talk and discussed Georgia’s prospects here.  A summary:

He sees UGA as a good team and doesn’t see a downfall and with a healthy returning starting line, they could be the team to beat in the SEC East. He likes the schedule and winning the East is one step from the CFB Playoffs. He thinks Eason needs to win the starting QB position and will win it in Athens.

Unfortunately, he really likes Tennessee’s chances to win more.



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If you’re gonna be snarky, at least bring the good stuff.

Mike Bianchi, still showing the love for Corch:

Now that the Florida Gators have named their football field after Steve Spurrier, what are they going to name after Urban Meyer – the UF player interrogation room down at the Alachua County Jail?

The correct answer is Seat 37F.


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“I think Tennessee and Alabama could meet maybe not only once, but twice.”

Way to go out on a limb there, Herbstreit.


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Musical palate cleanser, shake it up baby edition

Hard to believe this movie is 30 years old this week, but it is.

Greatest movie lip sync scene, or greatest movie lip sync scene ever?


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