Run the damned ball, Chaney.

Read this preview of North Carolina’s defense and realize that if Georgia can’t run the ball well against the Heels, it’s probably going to be a longer year than we expect.


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  1. 81Dog

    If Cheney has shown anything over his career, isn’t it this: He’s not a doctrinaire, “Run/pass in exactly X/Y percentages,” adapt to the talent and the opponent kind of guy. Anyone who can make a serviceable QB out of Nathan Peterson is smart enough to game plan a defense he has all summer to break down, I would think.


    • I’m not really referring to his tactics for the opener as much as I am that North Carolina’s run defense appears to be sub-par.


    • lakedawg

      Hope he proves me wrong, but Chaney’s resume does just not stand out unless that was the only way to get Pittman. One of the things when interviewing candidates for jobs I always looked at was successes and longevity at previous jobs. Is it curious he has never held one position for more than 4 years and averaging about two per stint? But Pittman has also been sort of a vagabond. Wishing both of those attributes happen here.


  2. 81Dog

    IS an adapt to the talent, etc. kind of guy. Sometimes I hate the no edit feature. 😉


  3. The answer to this question may lie more in how good is Sam Pittman rather than how good is Chaney. If Pittman gets his guys ready, we should be able to open up holes for Chubb, Michel, Crowder and company to run through.

    If we don’t, we may be look at the same slog that we dealt with on offense the 2nd half of the year.


  4. 92 grad

    Yeah but. Look, I don’t disagree, but first game things tend to be outliers more than glimpses into how the season will play out. CFB is way too much between the ears for the detailed analysis stuff, it’s part of why we can’t not watch. UNC could easily play out of their minds and Kirby could easily get his squad so jacked up that they run out of gas.


  5. Jared S.

    Give us September 3rd already!