Things open up; things close down.

Okay, it’s not like the AP Poll is gospel, but check out the way Georgia’s schedule the rest of the way looks now:  only two ranked teams left, Ole Miss and Tennessee, both in the high teens, and seven straight games to close out the regular season against teams outside the AP top 25.  Talk about your rapidly calming waters.

On the other hand, and despite the inviting regular season schedule, the odds for Georgia winning the national championship have actually declined since the season started.  Which is Vegas’ subtle way of saying, “Georgia ain’t played Alabama, PAWWWLLL”.


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36 responses to “Things open up; things close down.

  1. Russ

    So our schedule has been dawggraded?

  2. gastr1

    I didn’t see a team that looked ready to be in the top 10 last week. But that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy seeing it improve along the way. By the end of the year I’d hope this is a team that feels strong enough to merit being in the SEC title game, if it comes to that, because I’d almost rather we come close and not make it than get there and lose 42-10 to Alabama.

  3. 92 grad

    All I hope for is beating TN, FL, and AU. Everything else is entertainment. Ole miss has me nervous.

    • simpl_matter

      They’ll be coming off of Alabama (and TN will be coming off of what should be a dog fight w/ UF), so we’ll have that in our favor.

      • Cojones

        OM is missing two starters this morning with at least one gone for the year. That will continue to be a big factor when we play the – how injury plays it’s part on both side in the outcome of a game. Add the snakebit factor and we should expect to stand even with them and play that way. Without Nkemdeche and Tunsil, why wouldn’t we think they are not as strong as last year?

      • Maybe I didn’t see enough of the game but Ole Miss sure didn’t seem to feature much of a running game.

  4. right now, I just want to get past Mizzou…then I’ll start Munsoning about Ole Piss.

  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Clearly, the Russians have hacked the AP Poll. Now Putin wants Georgia fans to suffer. This Georgia team might be pretty good, but they ain’t there yet…a top 10 team after one week? I don’t think so.

    • Macallanlover

      I agree, we didn’t look like a Top 10 team to me, but could perhaps move in that direction before the end of the season. Last week, TN was overrated,now we are…weird. Liked being th hungry team that is more under the radar.

      Rankings are so confusing, especially this time of year. And this is what makes records against ranked teams silly: if you had beaten Texas or Wisconsin last week, it would have been against an unranked team, but beat that team this week and you even get a W against not only a ranked team, but aTop 10 team, in one case. Oh, and then it depends onwhich poll so you can pad your stats. Also love the “beating a team with a winning record” suffers when your win is what make them have a losing record. Stats can be enlightening but are so often for game-players twisting the narrative.

    • PTC DAWG

      Get used to it, Kirby is on the mother.

    • 69Dawg

      Agree with you 100%, these polls are just a fan trap. We are no more the 9th best team in CFB than Tech We will stay there until our first loss and then we will be dropped like last weeks fish. It’s the part of the Georgia Way I hate. At least wait to see if UNC beats somebody. This is all because the media has to have it’s preseason poles to sale advertising. With the exception of a very few teams nobody knows how good or bad a college team will be. The usual suspects can be counted on Alabama, and Ohio State are the only ones that come to mind, the rest is just a wild ass guess. How does the number 18 team beat a team ranked 22nd and suddenly become number 9??? If UNC had been ranked 19th we would have been top 5.

      • You know, I’m sorry, but this hand wringing over us being ranked highly is part of the Stockholm syndrome from the previous regime that needs to go.

        Seems that Georgia fans are so used to being embarrassed that now they get angry when people write nice things.

        Just bask in it for a week.

      • 1smartdude

        Yep, it might be tough for NC to become bowl eligible, even with their schedule. The QB made them go last year. The one they have now won’t be the same. I’m gonna wait and see if this is a quality win. The other side of the coin is, it’s a better quality opener than most years. That’s encouraging on it’s own.

    • Cojones

      What I didn’t agree with is the preseason placing us at 18. Ifvyou watch closely, a great deal oftheir prognostications seem to line up ranked opponents for their upcoming games. Michigan is media-driven rankings , but not even knowing their schedule, I expect a team that they will play in say the 4th game, will get ranked closer between now and then to promote the possibility of matching two Top-10 teams. This continues week after week until you can predict the rankings with very good accuracy.

      I believe we were better than 18th to begin with, but the media wants to make sure Kirby doesn’t take a nosedive in his first game before giving credit that we may have a great team. Meh.

      It’s all bs until the 7th week.

  6. Mad Mike

    I’m just worried the team will get a big head and tank, like more than once in the past, now that they’re in the top ten.

    • Cojones

      Yeah. Those Nicholl’s players have been getting ready just for us in their first game and took their “Bye” week(?) before their first game. Maybe it’s their Bye-Bye game instead. What amazes me is where will they be able to practice against a fast team like UGA for another week? Just because they may be fast also, does their D give their O the workout that we give ours? Using their bye week to see our first game should really get them ready for half the players they have seen, not withstanding that we have talent that hasn’t gone on display fully (TEs?).

      We would have to be thinking with the wrong big head if we don’t dust them up after their first two series; after all, we wish to enter the cupcake stats contest that really skews your thinking as to how good a team is, don’t we?

      • Mad Mike

        Not worried about Nicholls as much as I’m worried about laying an egg against the Ackbars or the Vowels. I’m just still stuck in the wait and see, I’ve been fooled before mindset.

  7. UGA still doesn’t have the big, fast, “quick-twitch” guys on the defensive line the Alabamas and Ole Misses seem to. Are we still behind in paying a competitive wage to these guys?

  8. What those media heads are saying is “Kirby is not so much of a genius”. He just got a schedule full of pretenders.

  9. ApalachDawg

    I’m interested to see how Kirby manages this team now that we have top 10 status (deserved or not?)… Can they stay focused or will they all need bigger helmets?

  10. Texas Dawg

    Something tells me that after the 1st “TOP TEN” practice, Kirby will have practiced the enlarged head size swagger right out of them. They will probably be believing that they will be lucky to even be on the field with Nicholls State. Coming from the Saban coaching tree, I don’t think complacency will be a problem.

  11. SouthernYank

    There’s ZERO reason to look at rankings until the last couple weeks of the season. We all know that any SEC team can lose 1 game and still make the playoff – so long as that loss is not in the last 3-4 wks of the season.

  12. rchris

    As long as we don’t slip up against Mizzou’s defense, we’ll enter the Tenn game with our NC goals intact. Win that one, and it’s beat everyone you certainly should beat, beat FL, Auburn, and Tech and you’re one SECCG upset away from the playoffs. All ‘Dogs go to Heaven!

  13. DawgPhan

    I was pretty happy to see on big moves in the polls. Seems like their method has changed over the years.

  14. Macallanlover

    I agree that the dramatic changes in the AP Poll reflect looking at what they saw in Week 1 more than they have in the past, and not so much protecting how badly they flubbed in their pre-season picks. If that continues throughout the season we may actually see realistic rankings by mid to late October. Past years made it difficult to past teams until they worked their way down a too lofty pre-season ranking based on nothing but past reputation. We all thought TN was too high, and perhaps we were a little low, truth is we might be pretty close around 13 or so. Don’t know yet, but I do think we have more upside than the Vols if we can just stay healthy and the pups grow up a little game by game. I am pleased with what I saw against a quality opponent but we sure have some areas that need to get better before we fly to Oxford and return against the Vols.

  15. lakedawg

    Weakest schedule can remember in last ten years.

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