Wheels within wheels

It’s an understatement to say the most recent loss to Tech sucks, but maybe Kirby’s playing the long game that some of you are convinced he is.  After all, their new AD is wowed by the result.

“Nobody out there wants to play us. That also tells you a lot about the state of the program and the fear that opposing coaches have of our head coach,” the new AD said. “I think we have a great coach that is known nationally for what he does, and he’s had a lot of success here. My goal, and what I hope to bring to the table, is to help provide him what he needs to continue to build on that success and compete at the highest level.”

I’ll leave you to ponder the fear factor, but it sure sounds to me like a contract extension is in order for a guy whose career record against Georgia is 3-6.


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17 responses to “Wheels within wheels

  1. jt (the other one)

    Our last two three losses are more about what we did to ourselves vs. anything they did.


  2. Wow … no one wants to play tech because they don’t want their defensive linemen subject to cheap shot cut blocking for 60 minutes. They don’t want to play a team where it’s a no win situation – no credit for a win and a punchline for a loss. I hope whomever they get in a bowl game beats the living tar out of them.


  3. FisheriesDawg

    It’s kind of hard to imagine any coach winning more than a third of his games against Georgia there, so he may have a point.

    They’ll never be great under Johnson, but they’ll never be great under anyone. And under Johnson, their chances of getting on a long lucky streak (see: 2014) and making some actual noise are much higher than with a more typical offense.

    When they do fire him, that program will be a smoking crater for several years as I’d assume they’ll switch away from the option and will need to undertake a massive rebuilding job. If I’m a brand new AD, I’m not sure that’s the mark I want to leave on a program. He’s going to have to wait for another year like 2015 that gives him some cover to say the program had bottomed out, otherwise when they’re not bowl eligible for several years in a row their fans will be pining for Johnson and calling for the AD’s head.


  4. 81Dog

    I guess the pencil necks really ARE good at math. When 3-6 is several percentage points better than your percentage since Dooley arrived in Athens 50 plus years ago, by all means, it’s time to strut and talk bigly about your coach. Maybe Fish Fry will send Kirby a nice fruit basket for Christmas as a way of saying “Thanks for helping me solidify my job status.”


  5. sniffer

    “Julius Caesar is the finest general the world has ever seen. His leadership is unparalleled and I for one would follow him into any battle”.

    Marcus Brutus
    March 14, 44


  6. UGA85

    To me, CPJ is very good at maximizing sub-par talent. He routinely competes well against us, even when he loses, and he outright beats us more often than his talent should allow.


    • He plays the type of game that is going to keep them around unless we play with the mentally that we’re going to score every time we have the ball (a la 2011 & 2012).

      There is a particular type of game you need to play against them. If you don’t, you can still win, but you’re playing with fire.


    • PTC DAWG

      It is not just UGA that he frustrates on a semi regular basis..just enough to keep him around, I’m glad, he poses no threat to UGA in recruiting…a “regular” coach probably would.


  7. Glenn

    3-6, is about as good as it gets for Tech. Chan tried to play us straight up and he went 0-6, or something like that. Better keep Johnson around. Kirby must up his game substantially however.


  8. Congrats, Kirby and staff! You were part of a season of many horrible “firsts” for us and accomplishments for others. Oh, and Mcgarity. Can’t forget the mastermind.


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