Translated from the original Saban

Hey, remember last year’s offensive line?  Kirby Smart remembers what you thought.

“It will be a very interesting spring in that regard,” head coach Kirby Smart said Monday night during a radio appearance on UGA’s “Bulldog Hotline” show. “Because as much as everyone wanted to complain and fuss about the three (seniors) we had, they’re gone now. OK? So now we’ve got some holes to fill.”

Damn, if only that “OK?” had been an “Aiight?”.  Otherwise, the tone is spot on.


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10 responses to “Translated from the original Saban

  1. aladawg

    And next year we’ll be replacing 2 pro caliber running backs, and the next year we’ll replace a pro caliber d-lineman and a pro style QB and the next year………………..
    Just win Kirby.


  2. Greg

    LOL!…needed a laugh this morning, thanks Senator.


  3. gastr1

    Always be setting the table to lower expectations later.


  4. Jeff Dantzler thinks this means we won’t be through our series of throwaway seasons until 2021 when Kirby’s had a chance to get three full cycles of OL through the system. We just gotta give him time, y’all.


  5. Columbus Dawg

    Here’s hoping that Kirby does something to give him the right to act like a smartass,err I mean like Saban. I understand that he is a head coach of a major program, and his job includes treating ALL players relatively equal in criticism, but the offensive line that UGA put on the field last season was the absolute worst we have seen since Greg Talley was QB. I also understand that he had to use what he was left with. He has options going forward, and with the highly touted, highly paid line coach in Pittman, he will be expected, like it or not, to field a much better OL in 2017.


    • Cojones

      I don’t necessarily think that was the worst O-line we put on the field; rather, I think that it was the worst-coached O-line we have seen in a long time. There’s a big difference.


  6. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Gee Kirby, weren’t you the Head Fusser?


  7. 69Dawg

    See my comment in earlier thread. Very Dooley like in his observations. Another year like last year and they will have to pay fans to attend the G-Day game.


  8. Macallanlover

    “Aight?” would have been perfect (and more attention grabbing than “OK”. OK gets lost in the “you know”s these days.) If you want your words to be respected these days, use “Aight?”


  9. Derek Dooley 2.0

    Preparing for failure. Solid plan. Passively blaming others works incredibly well.