If recruiting classes were like wine vintages…

… then 2013 would be the year of drought, locusts and early freezes.

Ramsey was ranked No. 3 nationally in 247Sports.com’s composite ratings for pro-style quarterbacks for the Class of 2013. Of the top five, only one finished his college career with the team that signed him. Christian Hacklenberg, ranked No. 1 in that group, started and finished his career with Penn State and was drafted with the 51st pick by the New York Jets last year.

The other four – No. 2-ranked Max Browne (USC), Ramsey (UGA), Shane Morris (Michigan) and Cooper Bateman (Alabama) – all have decided to move on to secondary destinations as graduate transfers this year. In fact, Ramsey was the last among them to make that decision. The other three have already found new homes at Pitt, Central Michigan and Utah, respectively.

Man, that’s bad.


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8 responses to “If recruiting classes were like wine vintages…

  1. old dawg

    I remember Saban making an effort to get the much heralded Ramsey and his stock went up in my mind…oh well, here we are several years later…I’m glad I didn’t buy Ramsey at $100 per share…Enron did much better…


    • I remember Saban making an effort to get the much heralded Ramsey and his stock went up in my mind…

      Yeah – that’s one of the things that generally annoys me at the vitriol our fanbase throws at the coaching staff for getting after Ramsey instead of focusing on Deshaun Watson for the next signing class. It’s easy in hindsight to argue that wasn’t the right move, but the best coach in CFB history also wanted his services at the time.

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  2. I told my buddy when we signed Ramsey that a kid running the veer in high school would have a steep learning curve in the SEC. I guess the curve was too steep! Good luck in the future.


    • The Dawg abides

      True. I’m pretty worried about Matt Ryan ever living up to his potential, since he was a triple option QB in high school.


  3. Atticus

    Shows you just how much better QB recruiting has become in the last 4 years with more camps, more access and video and better scouting. Still ave many fall through but that class was epic in its misses on those QBs.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Did we ever gave him a real chance? Either he never had enough talent to step on campus or he was in the dog house for much of his stay. The only QB coach who seems to have had confidence in Ramsey was CMB. Seems to me CMR was indifferent and left the QB issue to Schotty. I’d place Bobo’s judgement far above Schotty or Chaney. With 1 year, there’s probably not enough time for Ramsey to shine elsewhere, but it’ll be interesting to see where he lands, whether he plays, and if he’s productive.


    • David K

      Grayson Lambert getting all of the starts that he did tells me everything I need to know about Brice Ramsey. I guarantee he got all the chances in the world to win the job.


  5. MLB2

    Dammit Bluto! I’ve been enjoying the McGatory bashing and now you come back to hit me in the nuts with the 2013 class. I guess I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. 😉