“The goal is to do it for our fans who don’t have access to the premium areas.”

LSU wants a beer garden, as soon as possible.  But (there’s always a but)…

Now, it appears the beer garden concept—which would limit beer sales to a single area in the stadium as opposed to having taps at all concession stands—could happen this year. Talks between the university’s athletic department brass and the Southeastern Conference are under way, and appear to be going well.

“They are having those conversations now,” he says. “They are working towards doing it in the fall.”

The SEC prohibits its 14 member schools from selling alcohol at athletic events, which is why beer sales at LSU home games are only allowed in the stadium club and suites, technically separate structures from Tiger Stadium.

Interesting, both that the conference is the heavy here and as to the loophole the schools have discovered to benefit the deep-pocketed folks (coincidentally, I’m sure).

I still think general beer sales in one form or fashion are an inevitability.  It’s too tempting a revenue stream for schools to ignore forever.



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16 responses to ““The goal is to do it for our fans who don’t have access to the premium areas.”

  1. John Denver is full of shit...

    Its bananas that the separate structure-legal loophole is easier to navigate than putting it on tap next to the chicken.


  2. Walt

    They need set up a prescription opioid sales tent. That’s where the real money is. And opioid induced constipation will help alleviate the Sanford Stadium restroom issues.

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  3. Beer Money

    Given what a trailblazing pioneer McGarity is, I am sure he had plans for one of these for years.

    Seriously, Butts-Mehre is in a tough spot here. How do you give the fans something that would enhance their gameday experience while simultaneously continue to separate them from their money even more? To the B-M folks, these two things are mutually exclusive.



    SEC rule, did not know that…will be changed soon enough.


  5. 69Dawg

    Alcohol has flowed in the Suites at UGA since they opened. Not just beer but the hard stuff. The separate structure loop hole was done with a wink and a nod from the SEC. It’s all about the big donors you know. This is old news except for the fact that LSU has finally tried to get beer for the great unwashed.


  6. ApalachDawg

    I like a drank as much as the next man but this is a recipe for disaster.
    I attend a lot of European soccer matches and there is a valid reason that no booze is sold in the stands or allowed to be brought in to the stands if you are on club level.
    Money sounds great til you have a riot of drunken idiots that tramples some 8 year old that came to the game with their grandparents.


    • Otto

      Are if you worsen the bathroom situation by having guys reliving their frat boys day my hammering a few beers and spending half the game hugging the toilet. The WLOCP, and the UNC game reminded me why I don’t want alcohol sold at a college game, as much as I may enjoy some of Athens local brews.


    • JCDAWG83

      I agree 100%. One trip to an NFL game and you can see how selling alcohol at a football game is a very bad idea. If someone can’t go 3 hours without a drink, their problem is bigger than beer not being sold at a college game. Drunks are a big enough issue at Sanford without alcohol sales in the stadium. Pouring gas on that fire is a bad idea all around.


      • Otto

        Thankfully I have only ever had 1 problem at a college game on campus which considering how many games I’ve made in various seats/stadiums and the stories I hear I count myself as lucky. ’13 in Knoxville a girl 2 seats over couldn’t hold her pregame preflight. it was great to smell through OT…..

        WLOCP is what it is and I don’t want it to change but anyone who has been can tell you about drunks. The UGA/UNC game I witnessed a guy fall over nearly landing on a middle schooler and another guy taking up a stall hugging the toilet.

        No thanks, I can enjoy my own Creature Comfort or Terrapin before or after the game.


  7. Macallanlover

    I also don’t think we need alcohol at games, and wouldn’t but it there if available. Tailgating before games, and bars, after games is plenty of opportunity for me to have a couple of drinks. Fans act badly enough as it is. I also don’t think this a huge revenue win anyway, positive cash? Yes, but not enough for the downside, imo. I think they are after the declining attendance problem, which certainly brings additional revenue in I know. Losing the crowd has so many downsides, ones that you will have trouble rekindling, and I think the universities sense that is happening.