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Friday morning buffet

A tidbit here, a tidbit there and pretty soon you’ve got a real buffet.



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“It would be awesome to be able to keep it that way in the third.”

In North Carolina, N.C. State is looking at using in-stadium beer and wine sales to end pass-outs.

Damn, I love a good pun.


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Off to the races

Missouri is making plans to offer in-stadium beer sales for the 2019 season.

On Monday, Sterk will formally propose starting alcohol sales when he meets with the school’s Intercollegiate Athletics Committee, a collection of MU faculty, staff, alumni and students. The topic also could come up for discussion at next week’s UM System Board of Curators meeting in Columbia. Should MU approve to start sales this fall, Levy Restaurants — the school’s concessions company —would be responsible for hiring and training workers to comply with SEC regulations for game-day sales. For now, MU would like to start sales at football and men’s and women’s basketball games and probably baseball and softball contests.

I guess that’s what you can get done when you don’t have a Magill Society to flatter.


UPDATE:  Another SEC school checks in.


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No beer for you

You’ve probably already heard (and are far from shocked about learning) that Georgia’s alcohol policy isn’t changing in the wake of the SEC’s decision to leave it up to its individual member schools to set rules for in-stadium sales.

“After consideration of the many facets involved with the Southeastern Conference’s revised alcohol policy, the Athletic Association has made the decision to maintain, at this time, the current UGA policy which prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages in non-premium seating areas of our athletics facilities,” McGarity said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon. “However, we will conduct an annual review of this policy to determine if any modifications may be needed in the future.”

As previously reported, Georgia is opening up sales in the premium areas to those higher-end donors this season at Sanford, something it could have done before the SEC changed its alcohol rules.

About 900 fans in the SkyClub and Champions Club ($1,200 and $2,250 per seat donation) and another 400 in a lounge area for Magill Society members who contribute at least $100,000 will be able to buy beer and wine.

Suiteholders and those in the East End Zone field suites launched last season already had access to alcohol during games.

Like I said, no surprise there.  I do think the decision was driven as much by practicality as by throwing the big money contributors a bone, as indicated by this quote:

As for selling alcohol stadium-wide this fall, Morehead said at the league meetings in Destin he had “particular concerns about our students and how we would manage that in Sanford Stadium,” and said the school already had to try to manage long lines at concession stands.”

Ain’t that the truth, Jere.  The logistics for beer sales are daunting, especially considering that management believes that having volunteers manning concession stands is a state of the art approach to service.  Give Butts-Mehre credit for not making a bad situation worse — I know that’s a low bar, but still.


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Putting the cocktail back into the WLOCP

Gotta admit I didn’t see this one coming.

Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity said UGA and Florida will be discussing whether or not to sell alcohol in general seating areas at the schools’ rivalry game in Jacksonville…

“We could always do what both schools desire to do, (but) alcohol has not been sold in the general seating at Everbank (now TIAA) Field since we’ve played the game there (1996),” McGarity told DawgNation.

“It’s like any other neutral site game, as far as the same deal at Mercedes-Benz Stadium — schools could sell alcohol at professional stadiums,” he said. “So if we wanted to implement we could. It would be something we’d have to agree upon.”

Hell, if making money is the raison d’être for Jacksonville, you might as well make as much of it as you can.  (Of course, that increases the revenue gap between staying there and going home-and-home, which probably means the folks in Jacksonville brought it up in the first place.)


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Booze 1, Bible Belt 0

Too much money being left on the table…


UPDATE:  One more thing…

I can see it now:  Bud Light, the official beer of Georgia’s Magill Society!


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Taking care of business

Groo is worried about beer.  Oh, not about overserved fans’ behavior.  More to the point, he’s worried about beer service.

I’m not opposed to the idea of alcohol sales in the stadium, but can Sanford Stadium handle it? I don’t mean the patrons; I’m talking about the neglected infrastructure of areas of the stadium that haven’t been touched since the East stands were added in 1981. I’m trying to visualize how the already-overcrowded concourses of Sanford Stadium would handle beer lines. Navigating the tight East or South concourses for concessions (or anything, really) is already bad enough.

If the plan involves placing beer sales in more open areas in Reed Alley, around Gates 6 and 7, or the West endzone, fine. But this is about revenue, so the temptation won’t be to limit the number of taps or place the majority of them away from where most fans are seated. I have no doubt alcohol sales will happen sooner than later, but I’m going to be very interested in how Georgia implements it. Getting it wrong could be just one more reason to stay at home and enjoy the cold ones from the fridge.

Silly wabbit.  This is Greg McGarity we’re talking about.  That’s not how the Georgia Way rolls.  This is:

For the first time in the history of the University of Georgia, Sanford Stadium will offer alcohol sales this fall. But it won’t be available to general populous — not yet anyway.

The Bulldogs are going to sell beer and wine in one specific area on the club level of its on-campus stadium during the 2019 football season, UGA Athletics Director Greg McGarity confirmed to DawgNation Wednesday. Also known as the 200 level, that is considered a “premium seating” area and has controlled access and the sales are available only to a certain level of donor.

However, that there will be a point-of-sale exchange of money for that area makes it precedent setting.

“We have an area that we’re going to utilize, that we’re going to cordon off and create an area for members of the Magill Society to have limited beer-and-wine sales this year,” McGarity said. “It’s available to a certain level of donors, but it’s not accessible to fans in general seating areas. We’re permitted to do it under the current rules as it stands now. We’re just doing it as a benefit to our donors.”

To be a member of the Magill Society, one must agree to donate at least $25,000 to the UGA Athletic Association over a five-year period. The Magill members must consume the alcohol in the designated area and cannot carry it back to their seats. They’ll be unable to view the game from serving area.

Most schools look at beer and wine sales as a fan-friendly gesture and a way to generate some serious concessions revenue.  At Georgia, it’s just another means to make people feel special about turning over $25k a year to the athletic department.  People who will feel special, but won’t be able to watch the game while they drink.  Though that’s kind of the point — the journey is more important than the destination.

The perfect touch here would be to put the name of the designated drinking area up for bidding rights.  (I keed, I keed… I think.)

(h/t PWD)


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