No beer for you!

At least not in the Sanford Stadium cheap seats:

Georgia football fans that don’t sit in premium seats will have to wait at least another season if they want to buy a beer in Sanford Stadium while watching the Bulldogs.

There will be no public alcohol sales in 2022 for Georgia home games, athletic director Josh Brooks said Thursday…

“There’s a lot of elements into it, whether it’s the length of the game and the time, or the logistics of just doing it and preparing it,” Brooks said. “Look, we’re still learning as we grow, so we started with smaller venues, to where we can crawl, walk, run, so now we’re still monitoring the progress we made for the events at Stegeman, Foley and Turner, and we’re just now getting that data in and really analyzing, so it make take some time for us to continue to see how that evolves, but there’s no thought on that now, it’s not our focus.”

Sounds pretty definitive.  And not just for another season, either.



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32 responses to “No beer for you!

  1. Granthams Replacement

    What he really said was “We have enough money so it’s not worth the hassle”.

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  2. 79dawg

    Logistically impossible under present circumstances if you like your beer cold (I’m a 33 degrees man, as our vendor at Fulton County Stadium used to always say!). Unless there is a gigantic freezer included as part of the south renovation, it likely will never happen….

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  3. 81Dog

    They can’t even manage the concession items they offer now, or the number of people trying to purchase them. I think Josh may realize that the concessions are so badly run that adding an additional layer of complexity would be like looking at top end 285 at 5 pm on an average Monday and saying “You know what? Let’s increase traffic here about 25%!”

    If Josh is truly trying to improve the historically incompetent concession system, they have to improve the infrastructure first, supply issues next, then personnel and delivery. Otherwise, he’s just routing more cars down the Ashford Dunwoody entrance ramp.

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  4. mg4life0331

    That’s fine Josh. My Camelback wasn’t much of a financial burden. Cheers!

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    • RangerRuss

      And early season games are too hot to drink warm beer.
      Unh uh. Ain’t gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture.
      Another reason to watch from section HD.

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  5. Guess we can’t eat cake either…Bluto, I thought of you yesterday as I bought a case of Bell’s Oberon at Costco .

    I remember your motto of life being too short to drink bad beer.

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      Sure you can eat cake! You can make cookies, brownies, all kinds of good shit! More convenient, too.


  6. lincolndawg

    I honestly don’t mind. When I take my 10 year old and 5 year old to games, fans are drunk enough already,

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    • MGW

      By and large, fans who want to get drunk are going to get drunk one way or another. But they wouldn’t have to crush a fat whisky drink right before going through the gate if they could just buy a few beers throughout the game.

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  7. chopdawg

    Maybe they’ll at least sell beer in the new endzone nosebleed pressbox. Writers, coaches, broadcasters, PA Announcers can’t actually see games from there, so might as well get wasted.

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  8. Bulldawg Bill

    Can’t you just see Munson with a buzz?!…
    “Shaaayyy! th’, th’ crowd ish rroaring! Th’ gur, gur ddersh are bent! ish th’, ‘hic!” Ish they, shh, shtanding? I think theyre on my fffffooot! Nah! Thatttssshh my fffffoooottt!!!…

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  9. archiecreek

    I just don’t know what the fuqing problem is!!
    No beer sales in Mercedes Benz at the SEC Championship game? Who’s call is that?
    I was at Kyle Field in greater Bryan, Tejas in 2021. Not only do they sell beer to over 100,000 agriculturists (there’s a cult in that word), they sell great craft beer as well. Even to the agriculturist (there’s a cult in that word) minions!!
    I just don’t fuqing understand it!!

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  10. MGW

    “This is not an issue for the people who write the biggest checks, and we make more off the premium prices paid for those seats than we would profit from beer sales to the cheap seats so, uh, hang in there or whatever…”

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    • MGW

      Mark my words, if a true recession hits, or the team starts to stink it up so demand dips, they’ll suddenly figure out the cripplingly complex task of filing like 20 liquor licenses with the city council they control, and stocking beer in the coolers just like they do with every other drink In every other concession. Till then it’s a powerful incentive to upgrade your tickets.


  11. Secure the bridge so that access is only from inside the stadium and then turn it into a beer garden featuring local craft brewers plus a stand for our own beer baron. Doesn’t make it easy for East EZ seats, but a nice amenity for the 600 crowd to escape to. Add TVs and shade cover of course.

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  12. I went to Knoxville last year for our game and I imagine anything we try to do would mirror that. They basically cordoned off a section wither a wider area in the concourse to set-up beer coolers for you to grab your own and pay at several check-out counters. The ID check and the line made it a 40 minute wait just to buy two overpriced Miller Lite’s. I can do without if that’s the case.


  13. leslie22h

    I believe beer sales remain a long way off at Sanford Stadium. Simply put, there are too many distributors who give generously to the University. There’s also product selection to consider – how many brands total? More than 3 would be a nightmare for the concessionaires. And what brands? Farmer sells Bud Light, Sinkwich sells Miller Lite. And half the students are going to want a craft beer that you have to eat with a fork.

    Draught (kegs) vs package is another consideration. Draught is exponentially more profitable than can/bottle as long as the entire keg is consumed. However, if sales are cut off at the beginning of the 4th qtr, there’ll be a lot of partial (unreusable) kegs all over the stadium. Draught beer also requires nonstop refrigeration from the time it’s brewed, so no warm storage.

    Besides, is the University going to install an elaborate long draw keg system like they have in pro stadiums? Not likely, as it would be cost prohibitive to retro-install. Is the university going to buy a 3-keg cooler for every concession stand? Maybe, but still expensive at $6,000 apiece.

    Package beer would be easier overall to handle, as it can be refrigerated at the stadium and distributed internally to each concessionnaire (who will still need a refrigerator or cooler bin to keep beer chilled). You’re probably looking at a $12 or $15 retail for a 24oz can. Probably $10-12 if they sell the 16oz aluminum bottles.

    I think the University will stand pat on not having beer concessions – and keep all those generous donations from beer and liquor wholesalers rolling in.

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    • whybotherdude

      Just lease the area to the vendors and let them sell. Have a couple of small beer only vendors and they jut pay the University. That way they are responsible for checking IDs and the flavors they sell and everything. Let it go to the highest bidder and the Uni gets the spot lease and a % of sells.

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      • leslie22h

        I read AuditDawg’s post after I made mine, and what they did at Tennessee is like your suggestion. My little beer manifesto assumed that the University would want to control all alcohol sales from behind the concession counters. With kiosks placed around the stadium, they could sell anywhere they want.


  14. Dawg19

    Read as:

    “You’ll just have to keep sneaking in liquor, rednecks.”

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  15. Stephen S. Roberts

    YESSS!!! UGA makes ANOTHER good decision!! I like it. Come see me in section 106 row 46 and meet my little girls… my reason for my stance….. at least our immediate circle has no booze… no problem with the rest of yall, just im glad for now we remain without it.