Four tailgates, four tickets…

Look at this as the evolution of all the “what time is the game?, what time can you be here?” Georgia Tech jokes you’ve heard (or told):

Georgia Tech’s spring game will have an unusual feature – a tailgate party taking place in one of the end zones as the game is going on. Plans for the spring game, to be played March 17, were announced by the athletic department Tuesday.

Space in the end zone will be available on a first-come, first-served basis to all fans, with part of the space designated exclusively for students. (The scrimmage will be played with the offense going towards the end zone without the tailgate party.) Food and beverages (including beer and wine) will be available for purchase in the end-zone area, which will have a St. Patrick’s Day theme.

Drinking on the field while the scrimmage is ongoing?  Gee, what could go wrong there…



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32 responses to “Four tailgates, four tickets…

  1. Illini84

    Reminds me of when the Illini played in Wrigley Field and they switched directions when the team with the ball crossed the 50 because one end zone was cut off by the wall. (Bill George used to ram people’s head into that wall when the Bears played there)

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  2. Dawgfan1995

    Even better that they are holding their spring game on a Thursday.

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    • miltondawg

      I heard about this on the radio driving this morning on 680. When I heard March 17th I thought, “I don’t have a calendar immediately handy but if today is the 2nd I don’t think that is a Saturday…surely they have the date wrong.”


  3. KingMackeral

    Dammit. I spit my coffee out on my keyboard.

    Not joking.

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  4. David D

    Looking forward to that pick-6 going the other way that knocks over the Dungeons and Dragons display.

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  5. Remember the Quincy

    Think we could get a couple hundred Dawg fans to camp out overnight and get those spots in the end zone? That would be hilarious to take over their stadium even when the entry is free.

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  6. Godawg

    Don’t know why they don’t just go ahead and use both end zones. Tech can’t score and they’re playing with their selves er against themselves.

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  7. MudCat's Mechanic

    Might as well put parties in both end zones, they aren’t going to get there anyway. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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  8. gotthepicture

    I guess the analytics on Collins teams show that they probably won’t score anyway, so why use the end zone for football.?

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  9. artistformerlyknownasbman

    They could also sell premium tailgate space in the weight room, as it is clearly unused.

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  10. lincolndawg

    What if there’s a pick 6?


  11. D.N. Nation

    Hey, at least someone at Tech will find the endzone, am I right folks, wocka wocka


  12. 5th year Tech player: What is that over there?

    Coach capri pants: The end zone.

    Player: Huh…never seen it.


  13. Reminds me of the joke about Tech instructing everyone to take shelter at Grant Field in case of a tornado, because there’s hardly ever a touchdown there.

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  14. miltondawg

    And even so it will be as poorly attended by Tech students as their home games.


  15. W Cobb Dawg

    One end zone is reserved. Not much space if you ask me.

    But considering their usual turnout, giving away beer is the next logical step in getting someone, anyone, to attend a game.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I’m tempted to go. Beer, St. Patty’s Day theme, and their hapless excuse of a football team ought to add up to a lot of laughs.

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      • Down Island Way

        North avenue fucking trade school can do whatever theme in the atl, when they choose to impugn a very colorful and meaningful day, they have now crossed into a world of no return, all this make up, costume driven attention grabass bullshit is no longer booch level cliche, it will be noted every fucking week nerdfootball plays this season, their record will be posted till UGA football Kirbstomps that ass…AND TA HELL WITH GEORGIA TECH!…GO DAWGS!


  16. whybotherdude

    Probably have a couple of Tech students show up to play soccer on that end of the field.


  17. Nil Butron is a Pud

    Where’s the f-ing Quidditch team supposed to practice then???


  18. Jeff Dye

    I think it would be awesome if Dawg Fans filled up that end zone with their tailgate equipment and caused bedlam!


  19. godawgs1701

    So the party is contingent on Georgia Tech students finding their way to an end zone? Tech’s gonna have a lot of leftover food and drinks…


  20. uga97

    Nice job Fleas of North Avenue celebrating a practice, in ND Fighting Irish style. Well done.