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What does it take to coach at Grambling State?

I don’t know if it’s an outright requirement, but apparently having “Title IX complaint” on your resume is a plus there.

For the second time in five days, Grambling State has hired an offensive coordinator with a Title IX complaint next to his name.

The promotion of John Simon to offensive coordinator on Friday is the second time new coach Hue Jackson has announced a coach who could be in jeopardy of not getting approved for the role.

Art Briles stepped down from the position on Feb. 28 just four days following the announcement of his controversial hiring. His Title IX scandal while coach at Baylor has been well-documented and has blocked his attempts to be a coach elsewhere.

Simon was placed on administrative leave at his previous job at Memphis on Feb. 22, 2021, after a sexual assault and Title IX complaint was filed against him. Jackson had hired him in January as an assistant head coach and wide receivers coach.

Shit, Briles is probably having second thoughts about walking away.  Clearly Hue Jackson is a man willing to go to the mat for sexual assault scandals.  Must be that forgiveness thing.


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Here Finebaum is now, CFP. Entertain him.

Watch Finebaum try to thread the needle between being a complete SEC fanboy and bitching about how the possibility of playoff expansion has been set back because of bad blood between Sankey and the Alliance.  It’s hilarious.

He’s so flummoxed by the situation that, even has he advocates for expansion, he can’t help but acknowledge there usually aren’t even four teams in a given season worthy of national title consideration.

The conferences want the money expansion brings and the pundits want the increase in talking points.  If they have to trash the status quo a little to get there, so be it.  What more do we need, college football fans?


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Georgia, collectively speaking

Lots of nuggets to glean from Seth Emerson’s piece about the creation of the Classic City Collective ($$), starting with this link to the PR announcement about it.  More specifically, these quotes:

“Matt proved during his time in our program how valuable he can be to our student-athletes and Georgia Athletics. His background and experience within and around collegiate athletics makes him a uniquely positioned leader in NIL,” said Kirby Smart, Georgia Bulldogs head football coach.

“Matt was an incredible asset to the Athletics Association in his role as Assistant AD for Football Compliance. He is a person of high character and integrity and was able to consistently align the coaching staff, support staff and administration to achieve a legal, innovative and fair outcome,” said Josh Brooks, Georgia Bulldogs Director of Athletics.

At a minimum, that clearly indicates the head coach and athletic director are on board.  Seth goes on to write that Smart and Brooks put Staton and Hibbs, who had been working towards the same goal independently, together.  The implications from that — especially given Smart’s level of control over all aspects of football operations — seem clear.

The second nugget, and it’s one that I’ve wondered about, is this:

Georgia is now operating under the NCAA guidelines, not the Georgia state law, because that had a sunset provision saying that if the NCAA made its own restrictions the Georgia law went away.

“NCAA made its own restrictions” is doing some seriously heavy lifting there, but I presume somebody a lot smarter than me has already kicked the tires on that and blessed it.  That being the case, it’s full speed ahead for a UGA collective.

So when can we expect to see that first example of stupid money being offered to a recruit?  Not any time soon, if this is to be believed.

“This is absolutely, 100 percent not a way to funnel money to prospective student-athletes who are recruited to the University of Georgia, in any sense. It is 100 percent focused on current student-athletes, the Georgia community, and bridging that gap between those two different entities to help Georgia as a whole,” Staton said. “It’s not anything related to recruiting. But I will say, if we’re successful it definitely will incentivize recruits to want to come (to Georgia).”


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SEC speed, baby

One thing I appreciate about watching a game in person over seeing it on TV is that there is always a play that the latter can’t fully do it justice.  Last season, this was one of those plays:

Bowers literally outran over half Tech’s defense on that play.  Insane.


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