What happens in Vegas…

So, with that spiffy new stadium being built in Las Vegas, what say you, NCAA, about the college football playoffs getting a shot there?

Down the road even further is the possibility of hosting a College Football Playoff championship game, however NCAA president Mark Emmert said Thursday that Las Vegas will not be eligible to host a playoff game when the next round of bidding for the 2019-22 games takes place. The NCAA sports wagering policy prohibits a state that allows single-game sports betting from hosting NCAA championship events, however, it should be noted that the playoff operates separately from the NCAA and could allow an event in Las Vegas before other sports are allowed.

That ought to chap Emmert’s ass.

“We have not begun the process of considering cities to host the CFP national championship after 2020 in New Orleans,” College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock said in a statement. “So it would not be appropriate to address the matter now.”

In the local vernacular, that’s a lock, then.  Thanks for letting us all know, Bill.



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6 responses to “What happens in Vegas…

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    “it should be noted that the playoff operates separately from the NCAA and could allow an event in Las Vegas before other sports are allowed.”

    This reminds me of alcohol approved zones/suites in college football/basketball stadiums around the country, which are magically labeled as private entities and not affiliated with the stadium itself (thus alcohol sales are allowed.) Of course, only high dollar boosters have access to such facilities, but surely that is of mere coincidence.

    I always chuckle when I attend UVA basketball games at JPJ. At one particular end of a lower level concourse, there is a roughly 20×20 guarded room that is fronted with a large sliding glass door. Inside you’l notice all sorts of libations being poured with no payment exchanging hand — kinda like a sky lounge at the airport — to patrons that are frequently coming and going (half of whom have sweaters tied around their necks.) What makes it particularly amusing is literally right next door is your typical concession stand with coke, peanuts, etc. Yet, amazingly, that small room was somehow designated as separate from JPJ, which is a real hoot.


  2. Macallanlover

    I am missing the connection between the geographical proximity of the game to Nevada and sports betting having an impact on the game. I can place a bet on any sporting event wherever a telephone or internet connection exists, I have placed significantly fewer sports bets with a form in Vegas than anywhere else. In fact, Vegas is actually worse because you have to physically go to a specific location and place your money upfront, in cash.

    While I get the NCAA’s sensitivity to perception, it is like spitting in the ocean when it comes to its impact on sports betting on that particular game, or any other sporting event. Unless they are building a dome, weather should be the biggest consideration. Plus, as was ;pointed out, the NCAA has no jurisdiction. And doesn’t UNLV already play CFB sporting events in that area?


  3. Gaskilldawg

    Does Harrah’s in New Orleans have a sports book?


    • Macallanlover

      No, only Nevada has “legal” sports betting. But the remainder of the world will take your bets on all sports (US included). New Jersey was attempting to get sportsbooks in their Atlantic City casinos but bowed to pressure, primarily from the NFL. It is all so hypocritical, and laughable.

      The NFL demands a report be published every week regarding player health and availability. Other than for gamblers, why exactly do they require that? Odds are published online beginning on Sunday night for the following week’s games, and in Monday morning papers. They have no ability to control this activity, and neither does the NCAA. Sports gambling exists in virtually every home in America, why shouldn’t NJ be allowed to compete with Nevada? I can “shop” the lines from several books all week, and place a bet from my recliner 24/7 and never leave my driveway. Much ado about nothing, and less effective than prohibition was.


  4. bigshot

    Why don’t they play the game in Vegas, sell alcohol and let people carry guns,


  5. Mark

    Pretty soon state legislatures will start getting new bills approved by the NCAA before passage. Can’t do anything that the NCAA might boycott you over, you know. Even though you are a sovereign state and all.