I’d say Charlie Strong is the new Mark Richt…

… except Richt has never been accused of losing control over his players by a sitting judge.  Holy crapola.

I eagerly await Herbie’s reaction to this news.


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26 responses to “I’d say Charlie Strong is the new Mark Richt…

  1. Former Fan

    Geesh! Has she ever called out a mayor for not having control over his “people”? She is way out of line, IMO. Just how is Coach Strong supposed to legally control his players and prevent them from breaking the law?

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    • Sanford222view

      Mayor? How about any repeat offenders she has had in her court room? Does she have control of her people?

      She is WAY over the line. Especially since Strong didn’t even recruit the kid to the school. The previous coach did.


    • Jt (the other one)

      This is a big deal down here. Many in this area agree with her.
      Agree on the Mayor. He is not liked at all. How he was voted in is beyond me. I wasn’t a legal voter at the time of his election. He is just as bad in playing the blame game.


  2. Dolly Llama

    The judge is over the line here, in my opinion. I mean, damn, your honor. The man just got there.

    Of course I’d never say that to her face in her courtroom.

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    • Otto

      Agreed further Strong just arrived and hasn’t had time to establish expectations especially at this point with just one spring practice.


  3. MGW

    That judge is way, way out of line. “Coach Stong please try to influence your players and get them under control,” would be one thing… in private. But to wax poetic about whether or not he’ll put a good team on the field then suggest he should quit? Do your job and keep your mouth shut, you’re a judge not an angry blogger who thought someone else should would have been a better hire.

    To say nothing of the public reprimand of a public employee without due process. I’m doubting head coach of a public school counts as an “appointed public official,” but if it does, she’s broken the Florida Rules of Judicial Conduct.


    • Don in Mar-a-Lago

      The Florida Rules of Judicial Conduct is a thing that more and more people are talking about lately and I’ve noticed that it’s doing a fantastic job!

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  4. Hillbilly Dawg

    Invest too much in those box seats,
    your honor?


  5. heyberto

    That’s pretty harsh, and in many ways unwarranted. If the guy did it, then throw the book at him, you’re the judge. But to try to legislate outside of the bounds of the law just because you don’t like it is a little over the top. Charlie has suspended the kid indefinitely. If he’s back on the field without missing a game, then I’ll agree with her. Calling out Charlie for not being dressed like an angel on the kid’s shoulder when he’s away from the field is outside of her purview.


  6. HVL Dawg

    I guess the Judge has already decided the guy is guilty. Is that the way it works?


  7. Borodawg

    If a 17-20 year old has not learned how to follow the rules or be accountable for their actions then a college football coach is not going to be able to change that mindset in 3 to 4 years.


  8. AusDawg85

    What next..:blaming someone other than Bobo?


  9. JG Shellnutt

    “I am an alumni…”


  10. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    This is not only unfair to Coach Strong, but it is also inappropriate Judicial Conduct. She would not be the only judge to overreach, but ideally you’re supposed to address the case before you fairly and impartially and not do too much in the way of expressing personal opinions especially about matters that you really have no control over. I have a classmate that is a Superior Court Judge and she likes to make unnecessary observations in big cases – I guess it’s good election material – but she has never gone as far as this judge did.

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  11. ASEF

    Let me guess. She’s going to be running for something nest cycle.

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  12. Dog in Fla

    After you’ve been featured on HGTV’s House Hunters, once is not enough



  13. BigD

    If she thinks Coach Strong can control the 18 year old penis, she’s obviously not had much experience with one.


  14. Dawgy1

    Sounds a little “slanderous” to me?


  15. Her comments are direct quotes from AJC except it was Strong not Richt. Nothing new there just copycat.


  16. Macallanlover

    It’s the Murican Way guys, bad behavior just makes the brain stop working I guess, it isn’t the one breaks the law who is at fault, always the parents, some teacher/coach, cop, or social transgression. Any wonder why we see more people act like warmed over poop? Not only are they not held fully accountable, they will be provided a snuggle bunny, counselor, and put in a cell where we pamper them. Judges this ignorant should be recalled for stupidity. It isn’t any different under Saban, Corch, or any of the CFB coaches managing misguided youths who have been put on a pedestal since they reached puberty. Love to see Strong take her down in a civil action but that is likely, alums and citizens should handle this. Throw this judge out, and don’t stop with her.


  17. Whatever you gotta do to get your brand out there, y’all!