Today, in trick plays

Patrick Garbin turns up a scoring play from graduate transfer punter Cameron Nizialek‏ that would make Les Miles beam with pleasure.

Now, I’m not saying that’s in Georgia’s repertoire for this season.  But it ought to be.



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8 responses to “Today, in trick plays

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    Unfortunately, ST coach Jeff Beamer is no Les Miles. I’m hard pressed to believe he’s related to Frank Beamer after what we saw in 2016.


    • The Dawg abides

      I don’t know anything about Jeff, but he’s got to be better than Shane.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        Argh! How could I forget the name Shane?!

        Marion cautions Joey about becoming attached to Shane and liking him too much: “Don’t get to liking Shane too much…I don’t want you to…He’ll be moving on one day, Joey. You’ll be upset if you get to liking him too much.”

        As Shane starts to leave, he indicates to Joey that he will never return:

        Joey: Shane! I knew you could, Shane. I knew it. I knew it just as well as anything. Was that him? Was that Wilson?
        Shane: That was him. That was Wilson alright. He was fast – fast on the draw.
        Joey: Can I ride home behind you?
        Shane: Afraid not, Joey. I gotta be goin’ on.
        Joey: Why, Shane?
        Shane: A man has to be what he is, Joey. You can’t break the mold. I tried it and it didn’t work for me.


  2. AusDawg85

    I want everyone to picture Rodrigo running that play…and then imaging how after the hit he would take his glasses would end up somewhere in Section 302.


  3. steve

    He was moving like a bullet train without union workers.


  4. Has Cheney imagine this play yet?


  5. Uglydawg

    Wonder if the holder had the option to keep or pitch it back to the kicker. He made a great, long, perfect pitch under duress..I could easily see that going for 7 the other way.
    Maybe Georgia should have Sony or Chubb every place kick, the other line up at left TE position.on every place kick. Then you could really run some stuff on fakes. Short pass, end around, holder to end reverse, etc.
    Better yet, lets score a TD on every possession so we don’t have to ever line up to kick a FG.


    • Uglydawg

      ..should say “Maybe Georgia should have Sony or Chubb as the holder on every place kick”