Today, in the relentless pursuit of excellence

In case you’re wondering what occupies the most space on Kirby Smart’s crowded plate after spring practice, let Jere Morehead explain:

“I think our program is on an upward trajectory. I’m getting ready to leave on a trip right now with Coach Smart to do some fundraising for the new end zone. That is certainly our priority this spring.”

It’s good to have priorities, I suppose.


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5 responses to “Today, in the relentless pursuit of excellence

  1. watcher16

    Wait they haven’t started this yet?!


    • watcher16

      Also, although unrelated to football but on the topic of pursuing excellence, interested in hearing your thoughts, Senator, on the hiring of Kupets as gymnastics coach: somebody with no head coaching experience at a higher level.


  2. Macallanlover

    That is concerning in so many ways. No one is surprised to see KS have some level of involvement in fundraising but it should be limited to showing up at a few handshake affairs a year and some promotional commercials. To have anyone characterize this trip as a “priority” reflects a disconnect.

    You want your fundraising to kick into high gear? Put a much better product on the field than we say last fall. Kirby’s highest priority is making sure his OC has a clue about how to use all the weapons at his disposal, that our kicking game is improved, and that communication issues on personnel and challenge opportunities are worked out. Those are his top priorities that can have money coming in by December without ever leaving his kids at home, or the city limits.


  3. Dave

    Y’all are some picky-ass people. “Priority?” Maybe not THE priority, but it’s obviously something that will be good for the players as well as recruiting. I don’t think the trip mentioned is a 10 day retreat. I have a feeling Kirby would garner more donations than Jere would. Plus, it’s not as though every single day can/has to be spent analyzing opposing teams from last year and visiting recruits.