There’s bling. Then there’s bling.

One of Mike Bobo’s charges was arrested on a theft charge, but it’s not the charge that’s eye-catching so much as it’s what is alleged to have been stolen.

CSU safety Braylin Scott was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of stealing Rolex watches and diamond bracelets from a teammate’s dorm room, according to an affidavit for an arrest warrant filed to district court May 2…

In the warrant for his arrest, CSU Police Department Officer Torrey Cleveland said he responded to a report by Donnelly that a Rolex watch and four diamond bracelets were stolen April 14 from his desk drawer inside Alpine Hall on CSU’s campus.

Donnelly told police he estimated the cost of the watch at $20,000, and the four bracelets at approximately $2,000 each…

Three days earlier, Donnelly had also reported a different Rolex had been stolen out of his football locker inside Moby Arena.

Holy crap.  This kid could open his own jewelry store.  Then again, maybe it’s all just an extravagant way to apologize.

He told police he had bought the jewelry for his girlfriend.

That’s nicer than the way he treated an old flame.

The teammate Scott reportedly stole from also recently appeared on the police blotter: linebacker Hunter Donnelly, a redshirt freshman last season, who was arrested April 19 on allegations of violating a protection order for contacting a former girlfriend.

Sounds like quite the joint Bobo is running these days.



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10 responses to “There’s bling. Then there’s bling.

  1. Spike

    Hey.. Go Big or Go Home..

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  2. Cojones

    Bobo’s getting into high cotton recruiting those rich kids from ?. $30k plus an old Rolex is a Rocky Mt High for any kid, plus no security to speak of means that he isn’t worried about losing it and acts as if it will be replaced easily.

    If the bling was insured, the insurance co. is mighty loose with their policy when they don’t demand it be kept in a safe place, especially when it’s in a pilferable environment such as a college dorm and if it isn’t insured; the NCAA’s blotter just came into play.

    The cops may be interested to see where the kid lives and whether he takes frequent trips to adjoining states that don’t have legalized ganja, especially if he’s wearing that kind of shit to the local mj clubs.


    • Go Dawgs!

      I follow your reasoning here, but I think the assumption that college students know much about insurance or insuring their valuables is somewhat suspect.


  3. Admiral Harriman Nelson

    Remember that Bobo was a tough guy back in Athens…he was once suspended for getting in a fight outside Allen’s.

    The difference between Bobo, Kirby, and Muschamp can be summarized thusly:

    Bobo will accept a challenge to fight outside Allen’s;

    Kirby is too good to fight outside a dump like Allen’s, he will only accept a challenge to fight outside a class establishment like Five Guys;

    Muschamp will accept a challenge to fight five guys outside Allen’s.


    • Mayor

      ^^THIS is funny.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Actually Bobo was arrested for obstruction at Foxz Tavern. He was not suspended. Played in the Outback Bowl. Team went 10 and 2 that year beating Florida and beating Tech in the last seconds of the game. Bobo to Corey Allen.
      Boom took on 10 men.


  4. ugafidelis

    He’s lost control.


  5. Paul

    One would assume that you need some proof you actually owned said items. It will be interesting to see how he explains being able to afford Rolex’s and diamond jewelry on a scholarship and stipend. Knock offs and cubic zirconia certainly seem more likely.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    In Bobo’s defense, marijuana is legal in Colorado so it’s possible that he’s just too high to pay attention to these things.

    In any event, I certainly hope this doesn’t lead to any NCAA trouble for Bobo because we need him healthy from a rules standpoint when CSU fires him so he can come back and run our offense again.


  7. Where is the scooter charges?